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Inguinal Hernia or swollen lymph nodes?

Six days ago I noticed a bulge in my right groin area.Since then the bulge has gotten bigger.When I bare down or cough the bulge gets bigger and feels hard.I have an aching feeling in my right pelvis and the inside upper right thigh feels sore.About a month ago I had MRSA on my left scrotum and was given antibiotics and antibiotic ointment.The MRSA on my scrotum has cleared up.Could I have an inguinal hernia or swollen lymph node from the MRSA infection?
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I have that as well, mine is a swollen ileocecal valve. You should go get yours checked out.
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Yes. You could have either - a lymph node probably would have enlarged earlier, and a lymph node won't change size with coughing, etc. And most likely an infection on the left side of your scrotum would cause lymph nodes in your left groin to enlarge.

A hernia is a weakness in the muscle which allows your insides to poke through. You will get a bulge when you bear down or cough, and if you lie back and rub it, it should "reduce" - go down in size as the contents go back inside of your abdomen. It can cause pain in the surrounding area. If part of the intestine pokes through you can feel or even hear gas bubbles in the bulge. If that intestine gets pinched, you have a "strangulated" or "incarcerated" hernia, and then you have an emergency situation requiring emergency surgery to save your life. The symptoms of this are bloating, nausea, vomiting, and severe pain. That is why hernias should be evaluated and probably repaired for most people. It is not an emergency right now - just be aware - but plan on seeing your doctor for a referral to a surgeon.
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If I had to guess, I would have to say a right Inguinal Hernia. This caused by a weakness in the fascia of the Inguinal canal. I know it is aggrevating! The only thing to be cautious of is bowel protruding from the weakened fascia, though not life threatening, it could cause you to lose that section of bowel because of the constricture of the blood flow and we (I am a Surgical First Assistant) would then have to perform a bowel resection and reanastomosis. Please let me know if you would like further info on this issue or another! Best wishes!  JD1963
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Yesterday I started with diarrhea and had a temperature of 100.8.My pelvic area is sore and so are a few spots in my abdomen.I also have nausea.
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