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Insect bite/ eruptions on the cheek followed by crawling sensation on the face

My mother (70 years old with high BP, cholestrol and diabetes) developed 4-5 red bumps on her cheek which looked like insect bites. For 2 days she used some home remedies but as the pain and burning sensation persisted she consulted a dermatologist (doctor no 1)  who said it was an insect bite and she was prescribed topical application ( 1 anti fungal cream and 1 anti bacterial cream) + an anti fungal powder. Even as she was using the prescribed medication, the bumps developed into blisters accompanied by severe itching. After 15 days she consulted another dermatologist (doctor no 2) for second opinion and he diagnosed it as herpes and prescribed Acivir along with an anti bacterial cream. My mother used these medications for 7 days with no relief. Our family doctor, a general physician (doctor no 3) said it was an insect bite and prescribed Taxim O 200mg for 7 days and another topical cream which my mother used diligently. Its been 40 days now and though the blisters disappeared and the redness reduced (redness comes now and then when she goes out in sun or on physical exertion) the scabs have not fallen off. My mother complains of crawling sensation on her face and says that when ever she experiences the crawling sensation small pimple like growths are erupting on her neck and nose. We are at our wits end. Pls help.  
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It could possibly be shingles.
I would go to a hospital and get it checked out.
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The Doctor no 2 diagnosed the condition as Herpes (Shingles) and Acivir which is the universally prescribed medicine for Shingles. But it dint help her
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It could also be scabies, a form of mites, which can come from her pillow.
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