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Intense pressure in head upon standing from seated position

I'm 41 year old male, healthy, no known conditions, and physically fit (except I do have an office job so spend my work day mostly seated).

For maybe at least 5 years or more I occasionally get this feeling of pressure in my head whenever I stand up from seated position.  It feels like everything in my head clamps up from the neck up and I can feel this throbbing pressure inside my entire head.  It lasts for a minute or so and then subsides and I can walk around freely again without any discomfort.  But when it hits me initially, it feels totally debilitating and I can't even walk around, I have to stay for a short time motionless and wait for it to subside.  I can hear the blood pumping in my ears.  I can't even bend down to pick something up when this is happening because it just intensifies the feeling.  Sometimes I will also have a visual issue on my left eye when I roll it to look upward or to the side the vision becomes a bit reduced and I feel discomfort in the eye.   (i went to the eye doctor and mentioned this to him but a scan of my eye and retina revealed nothing - all normal - he says whatever it is is nothing related to the eye itself)

I've been to the doctor numerous times and no one knows even what I'm talking about or describing, had many standard blood test which all come back normal. Blood pressure is also normal.  I finally went to the ER and they did an MRI which came back negative, and they did test for pheochromocytoma which also came back negative and repeated tests for thyroid, electrolytes, all other routine blood tests etc which all come back normal.  

I've even been to naturopaths and no one know what I'm talking about.  I mentioned to my GP about orthostatic hypertension but she said that didn't even make sense that there was no such thing, only orthostatic hypotension.

This condition whatever it is is really depressing because it prevents me form doing my normal daily activities.  I don't feel this is normal.  On days that I don't have it feel totally normal and can do anything.

I was trying to keep a daily log of everything I eat and do to determine if there is something causing it.  
But I haven't analyzed the results yet.

I did notice it occurs mostly when I do some physical activity.  Like for instance I did some gardening one day with lots of kneeling and bending down.  Then later the afternoon I could feel the head pressure build up that afternoon and then full intensity at night.  

I never get it in the morning when I wake up, I always wake up feeling normal.  It always builds up in the afternoon or night before bed.  

I know a lot of other people have experienced this but I could not find yet anyone who pinpointed an actual cause.  https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Neurology/Throbbing-pressure-in-head-upon-standing-and-walking/show/13154

I'm posting this to ask if anyone (who has a normal head MRI)  actually found a cause for this?

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When you say your blood pressure is normal, have they tested it when you are lying down, then sitting up, then standing up?

There's something called orthostatic hypertension, or postural hypertension. It's where your blood pressure rises when you stand up. (It can also be hypotension, when it drops).


Since it doesn't last long, I'd wonder if this is it. If they haven't done your BP this way, they should, at least to rule this out.

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