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Intense stabbing/pinching pain under left breast

Age: 31
Gender: Female
Current medication: Ritalin
Non-smoker but does vape.
No known chronic health conditions but has had two cysts removed, one from the left armpit and one from the right ovary in 2019.

My girlfriend is feeling a stabbing/pinching pain that has come and gone over the last 2 weeks, but it has become constant and more intense.

No shortness of breath, no dizziness or fever, no sneezing or coughing. No blood in any secretions. Pain is not inflicted by breathing. The only other symptom that may be related, is a sore throat. The stabbing pain is triggered by touch and movement, for example, twisting her body or lifting her arms. She normally sleeps on her stomach but this now causes too much pain.

There is a constant dull feeling of pressure on the left side chest area that can also be felt through the back on the same side. She says it feels like it is bruised and like the area has been punched.

Today, the area under her breast feels swollen compared to the other side.

She's started lifting light weights and using an elliptical bike every day the last month after about a year of no workouts and is unsure if it may have something to do with it.

We are going to the doctor first thing in the morning but wondering if there's some insight or advice as she's getting anxious thinking of what it might be.
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She needs to see her doctor and make sure there is no heart or lung involvement.   It could also be digestive.

I often get a stabbing pain just below my left breast, but more toward the center of my body.  It's not heart or lung related, nor is caused my kidneys.   Although I've had a couple of gastro scopes, they haven't found anything, but I suspect it's a digestive issue.

Ask the doctor for a CT scan which will indicate if there's something in that area causing the issue.  If not, request a referral to a cardiologist to make sure the heart is in good shape.  Yes, I know she's only 31, but heart issues aren't unheard of, at that age.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.
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