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Involuntary head movement

Hi all,
i've just been looking up something i get on and off on here and noticed i'm not the only one. Well, i have something weird happen where my head nods on it's own and trying to keep my head still makes it ache as in my neck aches and feels stiff and i get a headache. The rhythm of the nodding is as if with my heartbeat and i can sometimes feel the blood pulsing in my neck and head. Odd! My bp has been fine and im told my heart is fine. Sometimes it's really bad and others it's either not noticeable or not there. I had a brain scan in nov which was apparently normal. I mentioned it to a gp and neurologist and i am certain they called it 'titillation', and the woman gp laughed when she told me.
I have other problems, i have sensory problems and weakness so was tested for ms with the brain scan. I also have hypoparathyroidism and no explanation as to why but it is expected it's the autoimmune kind. I am having blood tests for some kind of markers soon in the hope that may give some direction to the cause. Aware of the fact that there is a slight increase in my chances of having parkinsons due to this disease and my maternal grandmother having it, it is a concern. My neuro didn't seem worried about this though and didn't really talk about it.
I just wondered if those with the problem got any answers? I hope you do xx

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Zyprexa and other anti-phycotics are known to give symtoms like that if taken for long periods.
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Hi, thanks for your reply. I've never been on any medication like that so it's one thing i can rule out. I asked my gp why i had it yesterday and he said it's surprisingly common and he couldn't say why i have it.
Now i have constant pins and needles in my left shoulder blade and i cannot get a referral for a whole month! Argh!
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