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Is everything connected? My whole body is rebelling.

For the past couple years my body has been slowly but surely rebelling against me.

I am a 37 year old woman and I feel like I am 97.

My feet were the first to start.  It started with tingling pain while standing and working, but not too horrible.  After a year, if I was scheduled to work, I would be out of commission for the remainder of the day, but alright by the next morning.  Around the 2 year mark, I had to request a modified schedule so I wasn't working any two days in a row because it took a day or so of rest before my feet could tolerate a shift.  6 months later, I can't stand for more than 45 minutes, and no matter how much rest I get (off my feet), my feet are constantly throbbing and pulsing painfully.

**For the feet, I have seen a podiatrist who said it was plantar fasciitis and she found identical soft masses (They seem to be filled with veins?) to the inside of each foot that goes from the edge of the heel and to the outside of the inner side of the feet..?  She ordered xrays and they show nothing.  I have a MRI scheduled for 8/29.

During almost the same time frame of the feet, my ankles and knees became progressively more painful and unstable, leading to a fracture of one ankle when it couldn't support me.  My ankles and knees are constantly swollen if I do any type of walking/standing during the day, and throb the same as my feet even at rest.  

My hips and lower back were the next in line, followed by my shoulders, elbows and wrists.  All have the same type of progression (although a faster timeline) and all radiate the same pain type with exception of my shoulder and back, which burns along with the other pain.

Other problems..

I have always had allergic contact dermatitis, but to very specific things.  In the past year, the list of things that cause reactions are longer than the list of things that are "safe".  Cotton, some plain plastics and water seem to be the only things that are safe to use without reactions.  Even the most mundane, like the wooden bookcase, if I lean against it with any bare skin for more than a minute, I will have a severe allergic skin reaction.

Heat, cold, the sun, humidity... My whole system goes crazy.  I feel lethargic within minutes, itchy, sweat profusely (even in the cold, yes), my vision blinks and goes dark/fuzzy, I get disoriented, dizzy and feel like I am going to pass out.

Then there is unexplained paresthesia and dyesesthesia.  My doctors put them both in my medical record, but other than that, they never mentioned them again although they are regularly occurring and two of my longest lasting symptoms of anything.  The closest I can describe it is if you've ever put a 9 volt battery to your tongue.  That sensation all over and closing in on my whole body.  It's very painful, but not really pain at the same time..

The only other thing that I haven't listed is my memory and random blips of confusion.  Up until the last 2 years, my memory was amazing.  I now have problems even remembering directions that were given to me 5 minutes later.  The confusion comes in play when someone is talking to me.  It's like their words sometimes get all jumbled up and I have to ask them to repeat things many times.  Closest I can describe it is how some describe dyslexia, but written things are fine, it's just what I hear..

On top of everything else, I have a supra umbilical ventral hernia, a para midline hernia, hiatal hernia with GERD, as well as what my doctor said was a full diastasis recti (two hand widths?) and the small band of tendon or whatever it is that stretches between also has a tear/hernia on it..

There is also a large cyst on my right ovary, a medium cyst on my kidney (both water filled?) and my gallbladder is contracted due to possible stones..


I don't know if anyone will get through reading through all this, but if you do and have any kind of input as to what this might be or what to ask my doctor for, I would really appreciate it!

**Rh factor- negative
**Very high C-Reactive Protein
**ANA- Negative

I think those are the right letters for the blood tests haha.  

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Sorry, I don't see an edit button but I forgot to add that I also have patches of petachiae on the tops of my feet trailing up my ankles and a lesser amount on arms.

Also have hidradenitis affecting inner thighs, breasts, armpits, groin and buttocks.
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Have you consulted with a specialist in immunology and endocrinologist?
One last suggestion, consult a spine surgeon. Some symptoms may be related to spine issues. Seeing a spine surgeon is best because , most cases so not require surgery BUT, they are best suited to order proper imaging, interpret results and suggest treatment options. For the rest of your symptoms an immunologist would be my suggestion.
My doctor only referred me to a general surgeon to consult with about my stomach issues, but I will ask for a referral.  I've never heard of an immunologist, but I'll ask about that as well.  Thank you.
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