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Is it a hallucination? What should I call it?


I'm currently waiting for an appointment with a psychiatrist for various reasons. I've been tracking what happens to me using the trackers on this site because I often can't believe or remember what happens to me on a day-to-day basis.

There is one thing that happens in particular that I am unsure how to describe- I've been labelling it as 'Hallucination' on my tracker, because that's all I can think it can be.
Basically what happens is that while, say, my eyes might perceive everything as it actually is, something gets slipped in between when my brain registers the information and when it processes the information. I perceive things to be there that aren't visually there, and the same with other senses, especially touch and hearing. It has only ever happened so that my eyes see something there (or that I hear/feel something) three times. The rest of the time it's sort of in between seeing and recognising what I'm seeing.

Recently these things have been happening more often and far more strongly. Two of the 'hallucinations' that I actually experienced outside of my head have been within the last week, and both of them have only lasted a couple of seconds, but have included almost all of my senses and frightened me terribly.

Should I call this a hallucination? What should I call it? Should I be worried?

If you have a look at my tracker, I'd very much appreciate your thoughts on anything else. I'm a little bit lost and scared these days.

Thank you very much for any help you might be able to give me. :)
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These sound like true hallucinations to me,  Nel.

Some hallucinations are normal - a VERY brief vision of something moving in your peripheral vision,  thinking you might have heard your name called in the distance,  thinking you see a flash of lightening in the very far distance,  thinking you hear the doorbell or cell phone ring quietly.

Your hallucinations go on for much longer than a brief moment and are very detailed - I really think you need to make an appointment with a doctor.

Best wishes.
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Hm.  I think it would take at least an hour to go through and see patterns in your mood tracker - I think that's probably a helpful exercise for you,  but I'm not sure many on this board are going to go through and learn everything that's in there.  You've put a LOT of stuff on your tracker!  ;D

Could you specifically describe the hallucinations better?  Like,  do you hear your name called?  Do you think you see something moving out of the corner of your eye?   What,  specifically,  are you seeing and feeling and hearing in these hallucinations?
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Yeah, sorry about that. I'm trying to find patterns with things, so I track everything. >_>

Um... The two out-of-head hallucinations were a woman walking into the room, leaning very close to my face, and breathing in like she was about to yell. The other one was something large and black and I think vaguely insect shaped slipping down from the ceiling. It sounded like plaster cracking.

Everything else is mostly out the corners of my eyes, like shadows or animals near my feet, something that sits just outside of where I can see it clearly. A lot of the time I feel like something is almost pressed against my back, and no matter how I turn I can't see it. A lot of the time it feels like just before someone touches you, when you know they're going to.
The most common of them is that I'll be looking at an empty room and be convinced that there's something there, I just can't see it. As if it were invisible, or I were looking at an image of the room overlaid over reality.
If that makes any sense what-so-ever.

Sometimes the things out of the corners of my eyes have sounds attached, like knocking or scratching or breathing, but just as I can't quite see them, I can't quite hear them either.
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have you heard about indian meditation or yoga do that ...i bet u  u wil be f9
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Thankyou very much for your help, RockRose. I really appreciate it.
I'm going to make an appointment with the psych after Boxing Day.

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