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Is it polycethemia vera

For the past many years i have seen my rbc count greater than 6.5 million and ranging up to 7 million along with low mcv and mch and high rdw.normal haematocrit of 46-47 and haemoglobin  13-14 . Whenever i have asked the docs they have refused to find it of any significance however i am panicked that it may be polycethemia vera. I have no spleenomegaly and normal blood clotting time and normal bp. I am 20 year old
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Please answer
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Your labs rule out polycythemia vera. High RBC can be due to dehydration, sleep apnea, or smoking for instance.

Low MCV, low MCH and high RDW is seen with iron deficiency. I would recommend testing for a full iron panel including ferritin.
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Hello~Do you have any of the following symptoms:
The signs and symptoms of PV include:
•Headaches, dizziness, and weakness
•Shortness of breath and problems breathing while lying down
•Feelings of pressure or fullness on the left side of the abdomen due to an enlarged spleen (an organ in the abdomen)
•Double or blurred vision and blind spots
•Itching all over (especially after a warm bath), reddened face, and a burning feeling on your skin (especially your hands and feet)
•Bleeding from your gums and heavy bleeding from small cuts
•Unexplained weight loss
•Fatigue (tiredness)
•Excessive sweating
•Very painful swelling in a single joint, usually the big toe (called gouty arthritis)
In rare cases, people who have PV may have pain in their bones.

You mentioned that your clotting time was normal, that is a good sign because normally PV  is the result of the thick blood that occurs with PV. This thickness slows the flow of oxygen-rich blood to all parts of your body. Without enough oxygen, many parts of your body won't work normally.

If you don't have any of the abnormal symptoms and the doctor isn't concerned, then try not to worry, however, if it continues to upset you, then maybe get a second opinion.
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