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Is this Pleurisy?

have had dull pain at the very bottom of left rib off and on for a while.  BUT last night (after an active day with no problems) the pain woke me at 1:00 a.m. and was very bad.  I also could not breathe while lying flat.  Had to get up for a while, then finally went back to bed with three pillows under my head and slept a little.  
Saw my doctor today.  He gave me Celebrex which has so many side effects I'm afraid to take it.  (I normally have side effects to most RX)   His "guess" is that I have Pleurisy.    
My question is this:   This pain is EXACTLY like the pain I had 4 years ago when I had a very bad case of Shingles.  My Shingles went from belly button, circled to the left around to my back.  The doctor who treated me said it was the worst case he'd seen.    When I had this before, I thought I had a cracked rib. . . this is how this feels at times, then other times is dull pain.  Could this be related in any way to that episode?   I don't have the rash/break out that I had before.   My lower ribs are actually touchy/sore to the touch.    I have been diagnosed with Hiatal Hernia via EGD, and MRI a couple of months ago showed bulging discs and gallstones.  
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You can get a recurrance from shingles. If the pain in in the same place and feels the same you don't have to have the rash for it to be shingles. I agree about you  the side effects of Celebrex. I have taken Celebrex with no problems though but everyone is different. I didn't get any pain relief from it though. It could be pleurisy but that usually hurts with a sharp pain when you breath in. Pleurisy can also feel like a cracked rib.  If it does feel like sharp pain when you breath in you can use steam to help. Get a hot bowl of water and be careful not to burn yourself and breath in the steam. you can also breath in steam in the shower It will make you cough but that is good. Sometimes they give you an antibiotic but not always because you can clear it on your own. It is inflammation of the lining in between the lungs and ribs.You can take just Ibuprofen instead. If the doctor thinks it is pleurisy  he /she was trying to get the inflammation down with the Celebrex. Some people can't take Ibuprofen because it causes problems for the stomach. If you do take it eat a meal with it. Hope this helps.
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