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Is this a UTI?

I am admittedly not a water drinker; I can't just casually sit down and have a glass of water like most people, but I've never had a problem with that before. About three years ago I had an episode where I felt the urgency to urinate frequently, and the urine was clear, and in very small quantities. The episode went away after a day or so, and I didn't have a problem with it again up until this year. I had been drinking Tropicana Berry Punch with meals, and that's when the episode started again, only longer this time; I switched to Ocean Spray Cran-Grape and the problem went away, and only when I had a soda (dark soda, e.g.  Dr. Pepper and Cherry Coke) or briefly went back to drinking Tropicana would it come back almost immediately.

I thought I had a UTI, a bladder infection or kidney failure or something of the sort, but there were these conflicting problems:

I feel no pain or discomfort in my kidney area
I don't have pain or burning when I urinate
There is no blood or any other alarming symptoms when I urinate

Can someone give me any idea as to what is going on here? And yes, I'm already well aware of the fact that I need to drink more water, and I am working on that as we speak, so let's skip that part. Is there a name for this or something? Am I seriously sick? Your answers are very appreciated
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Just because you cannot see blood in the urine, does not mean that there is no traces of blood in the urine.

If the urine is clear it is a good indication that there is no problem.  If you had a problem you would usually experience other symptoms, like pain in the tummy or back and sides, feel unwell, have headaches, feel confused sometimes.

If you are having frequent urination problems, it would be a good idea to get checked out for diabetes.  You may also find that there will be more urine production a few days before a period.

In males frequent urination or having the urge to go and not being able to empty the bladder may be due to a prostate problem or diabetes.

If the frequent urges to empty the bladder continue, it would be a good idea to see your doctor to get your urine sample checked for any bacteria, protein and blood present in the urine sample.  If you produce a dark cloudy urine, that could indicate a urinary problem.  Sometimes a dark clear urine just means that you do not drink enough.  

If you have no other symptoms like sweating a lot and feeling unwell and no other problems, then you should be fine.

Even though you do go to urinate frequently, still make sure that you do drink the fluids.  I was told by a urologist many years ago to drink 2-3 litres of water per day.  If you are drinking other fluids and eating a lot of fruits that contain a lot of water, you will not need that much.  You may need more if you sweat profusely and do workouts at a gym.  If your urine is a dark colour, you will know that you are not drinking enough.

Bear in mind that drinking too much can be just a dangerous as not drinking enough.
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   Occasionally, one can get a "false uti" from drinking too much citrus.  It goes away with mint tea.
    But, as Jemma says, you should have your urine checked by a doctor to be on the safe side.
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It is unlikely that you have UTI because there is no burning etc. As other people mentioned you should go get a urine test to make sure there is no blood etc. The doctor might also refer you to get a bladder ultradound to make sure there is no cyst etc.
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Unfortunately urinary tract infections do not always present burning sensations on urination, it depends on the acidity of the urine.

It is always important to drink plenty of water - cut out or cut down on the fizzy stuff.
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