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Is this a blood clot or a tumor?

Hello all,
I'm in the middle of exam season studying abroad and I have some absolutely terrifying symptoms
for some time there has been an area in my mid-thigh that is painful. At first I thought it was a bruise but there was no mark or discoloration to show for it, then it would throb painfully from time to time.

About two weeks later I noticed a small bump forming in the area.
It is very painful when pressed on but when I don't press on it I don't feel it at all.
There is no swelling in my legs, and no bruising. I did NOT hit the area. I've been through all the most obvious options.
I don't have any more signs typical of a blood clot.

The area is deep in the thigh and requires me to press on it to feel it.
It throbs once in a while but not at any particular time.
The area seems to have gotten bigger, and now if I press on other areas near it on my thigh (usually over/near blood vessels) they feel similarly painful.

Please note: I cannot go see a doctor. I am in a foreign county with no health insurance.
In two weeks I go home, I need to know if I can afford to wait two weeks, and if it is safe for me to fly in a plane.

Please, if you know anything that could help let me know. I'm terrified, I can't focus on my studies, and I can't do anything about it.
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There really is no way to answer your questions with any confidence.
As much as you may not want to visit a dr because you have no medical insurance, that would be my suggestion.
IF it is a blood clot, waiting could be very risky, and would not be a good decision.
Probing the area could worsen whatever is happening, and could dislodge a clot if there is one.
I'm sorry we can't offer more help, but I would find a way to get it checked out.
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