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Is this increased intracranial pressure or something else?

Hi all M25, do smoke, 8.6 stone, 5'7.

Intermittently for the past few weeks I've had a pressure-eske feeling (as if my brain was expanding or something of the sort).at the base of the skull and by extension around the top of the skull/brain (but it feels localized), a mild-moderate headahce, along with, a slight decrease in altertness, slight balance issues, pupil size which I understand to be an indicator is normal. I am happy to say I don't have any other cause-like symptoms listed as reasons for why this could happen.

It could be anything, a headache etc. recently I also posted about slightly enlarged veins on the side of my forehead (doc said it was no cause for concern), so I am wondering if this could be linked. It could also be mental health related (I do have depersonalization/trauma). Do you think this is an ER thing? thanks.
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If you have been vaccinated or had Covid already, this could be a new case of Covid. My doctor told me everyone she has seen who has been vaccinated but then got the new variant of Covid had a case that manifested as random symptoms in the head, either sore throat or a headache that felt like someone was wearing a too-tight form-fitting helmet. It wouldn't hurt to take a test, though if it's been going on for weeks you might test negative.
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So essentially, hopefully, its not IIP but it could be something else? Something more harmless? I can't image IIP is super common under 30 without cause, as a sense of piece of mind.
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edit: IIP is a serious condition and the reasons are as follows: bleeding in the brain, a tumor, stroke, aneurysm, high blood pressure, or brain infection. There aren't any real reasons (my blood pressure is rarely high) why this could be the case, no reason why there would be bleeding in  the brain, a tumor, or infection, a stroke at 25 would be rare and I don't have any of those symptoms, but I am unsure of an aneurysm (???) although again I do think I have slight temporal arteritis.
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