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Is this thrush? (with picture)

For a week now my tip of tongue is burning really bad. iT's like when you drink something too hot  but I di not and it is getting worse. The taste buds at the tip are swollen. I tried warm water with salt, a mouth wash for inflammation, cold drinks but nothing helps. I've got an appointment for my doctor but only next week...

What do you think canit be thrush? There is some white lining at the back.

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Hi!  So, can you believe their is something called "Burning mouth Syndrome"?  There is and you seem to have symptoms of it.  Here's some information. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/burning-mouth-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20350911.  Your doctor will be able to identify what is going on. Do you have white patches?  
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At the back of the tongue there is some white lineing yes. But where it hurts there are these little taste buds... Just like when you burn it. Is the dentist able to diagnose some thing like this?
They know a lot about your mouth since that is where they do all their work, and some GPs don't have the experience with the mouth to do a good diagnosis, so you might get referred on to a specialist no matter where you start.
One doc did a painful punch biopsy on my tongue last year but my dentist said that spot could never get cancer due to poor blood flow so it was a waste of time - the quality of your result is dependent on the medical person having proper experience.
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You should first see your doc or dentist for a diagnosis.
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I will.. i have an appointment for next wednesday. Until then I hoped someone could tell me some advice.
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