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Itchiness and Eczema like rashing appearing all over body

Back in August me and my boyfriend moved into our new apartment apartment. Shortly after moving in I started to feel itchy and so did he. Over the past couple months I have been increasingly itchy and Eczema like rashes have been appearing all over my body. My boyfriend has been getting similar symptoms. The kicker to it all is that we have two roommates, neither of which have experienced what we have.

What we know: We are both allergic to cats and the previous tenant had some. We have a dog. The apartment has all brand new carpeting that was put in before we moved in, new paint, new flooring, new applications, new roofing. Prednisone works to reduce the amount of rashing but never rids it. Saw an Allergy specialist who told me I'm allergic to Rag Weed, Kentucky Blue Grass, Dust Mites, Cat Dander.

What we have done: Put new, expensive air purifiers in every single room. Put shower head filters up incase of hard water. Changed to hypoallergenic soaps, detergents, sheets, pillows, blankets. Checked around the shower, behind the shower, in the attic, for mold and found none. Cleaned and Dusted the apartment very thoroughly. Bug Bombed every room , twice, and checked for bed bugs and fleas. Dog is flea free. Dog gets bathed regularly. Rug washed all the carpeting.

Symptoms: Itchiness all over. Eczema like rashing appearing all over. Small prickling feelings every now and then. Feeling as though something is crawling on my skin. No bug bites, no signs of scabies, bed bugs, fleas, or ticks.

What I have used: Prednisone (helps some), Cortizone Cream (does nothing), Benedryl (does nothing), Zertec (does nothing), Atarax (helps slightly but hardly noticeable).

We went on vacation for a few days (5 days) and symptoms almost completely stopped.

Dermatologist appointment coming up at the end of November but Im at a total loss.

Please help
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