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Itching At Night

I suffer from eczema, but recently the itching doesn't form any rashes or scabs, and it feels like something is crawling under my skin. At night it gets so so so bad, I couldn't sleep without scratching away for 2 whole hours. It only itches severely and gets really disrupting after I lie down on the bed, or after I have slept for a few hours. I would then start itching all over. The itch would subside when I fall back asleep again.

I also itch during the day. Face, eyes, legs, scalp. I used to think it's eczema, but seems like its not because there aren't any rashes. It's just itch, full force! I'm breaking down, please help!!! Why does it itch so much at night?!
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Try new change of linens each night, and new change of pyjamas too.  Shower before bed and Use medicated baby powder.  See if this works at reducing itch.
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The reason why your itch is more prominent at night time is because you get warmer.  Anytime we have an itch issue, it gets pronounced when we are warmer, as in while covered up in bed, taking a hot shower or bath, or activity that gets our heart pumping faster or we are sweaty.  I would recommend that you visit your primary medical doctor to see if he will investigate it or simply provide you a treatment with an antihistamine.  You may be suffering from some allergies to foods or detergents/fabric softeners/lotions....it's too difficult to pinpoint the issue with some investigation.  You physician should order some lab work as well, to see if it's organically based.  Hydroxyzine is a very good prescription antihistamine and can help you sleep as well.  Over the counter antihistamines are Benadryl (diphenhydramine) or other allergy medicines such as Claritin or Allegra.  Your pharmacist can also recommend cheaper over the counter ones for you, but you should first schedule an appointment with your doctor!  Good luck to you!
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I'm not a Doctor but a patient (former). I started taking Aloe Vera Gel Caps from GNC. 200:1 . It t cleared up my skin problems, exema and psoriasis in 2 months. I strill have a couple spots on my forehead but they are almost gone. been on it for about 3 months. Maybe it just works for me, I don't know. Might be worth a shot.

It's so frustrating I was trying anything from expensive creams from doctors with no prescription coverage, to Herbs. Nothing worked until I found the Aloe Gel Caps. I have done this before, this is my 2nd time. I stopped taking them after a year. It kept it at bay for 2 years before it returned. I should have taken one once in awhile after everything cleared up totally.

Let me know if you try it how you come out.

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Thanks for your suggestions, I have changed it and bought powder. Will see how it goes for the next few days!
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Yea, the possible reasons for my itch is so many that I have to fish it out by trial and error and its so frustrating and scary at the same time. But the weird thing is all along I've been using the same old things - from shower gel to facial foam to laundry detergents. The sudden onset of this itch becomes harder to find...

But thanks anyway! Would definitely consult the doctor. Any further itching day and night would start affecting my mental health :/
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Thanks for your advices! Glad that the gels work for you. Will go see the price at my local GNC. The financial expense health conditions may cause is a fearsome thing. But if it keeps itch at bay I should totally try it. The itch on my face is making my skin condition go bad :/ Will keep an update!
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