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Itching Hand

My left hand itches like crazy almost every day. No redness, no bumps or rash nothing...hands are not dry, I always use lotion. Left hand only. I use my right hand for the mouse at work so I dont know what it could be. Im afraid to believe the superstitions because I actually have lost alot of money recently due to legal issues and my apt being flooded. There has to be a more realistic issue , could it be carpal tunnel? the same (left hand) aches from time to time and also the left wrist, but not daily, they itching is daily !!! Please help
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You are welcome!
Let me know how it goes.
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The itching has been going on before the flood so I doubt its that, maybe the tendonitis though or carpal tunnel...I work in an office so i type all day and have been for 10 years..I will definitely look into that RSI, thanks!
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It is possibly carpal tunnel or tendonitis. It feels like tingling though rather than itching. Sometimes nerve pain can feel itchy though at the beginning. I have had my palm itch for  a few days and it went away but then I did develop tendonitis later. It does take time to develop repetitive strain injury. Try to take breaks if you are doing something repetitive and shake your hands out  stretch them, by bending the palm backwards.  Fungi thrive on wet flooded areas. Perhaps you have a fungus that is just starting? Do you have any signs of it between the fingers or white powdery patches on the skin? Otherwise do take the breaks and don't type any more than 2 hours without a break. The posture you are using can be a problem. You may want to read the book called Dr. Pascarelli's Complete guide to Repetitive Strain Injury by Emil  Pascarelli, MD. It is a good read even if you don't have RSI yet.
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