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Itching in and around armpit areas and groin areas

I have serious itching in my left and right armpit areas (mostly around the armpit) and in my groin on both sides. This has been going on for 2.5 years on and off. Every now and then I have itching also under my scrotum. This flares up from time to time and stays active for at least a week and then it subsides, but never completely goes away. what I have noticed is that there are mild bumps or rash (no more than pinhead size) on the skin around my armpits (both sides). These bumps extend a bit further from my armpit area, also inside the armpits. I also see some mild bumps in the groin area, so the skin isn’t smooth. When I take a hot shower or other such occasions, the groin area in particular gets reddish. But no bleeding of any kind in any of these areas. I scratch over clothes most of the time, so I have seen no bleeding or any other secretions.
Here is what I have done: I went into an urgent care about 3 years ago, once when my itching was particularly bad. They prescribed me bed-bug or scabies treatment for 2 weeks. I went through the full course of the medications prescribed. That didn’t change much. I consulted a skin doctor next. He said it is very unlikely it is scabies and it is more like eczema, but he wasn’t sure about that. Prescribed me Triamcinalone Acetonide 0.1% topical cream to apply for a few weeks and continue as needed. I applied it regularly for a 2-3 weeks and since then apply it only if my itching is really bad. I have been told this is a steroid and it could thin out the skin and create other bad side effects. So I only apply this cream on occasion these days. When I apply this cream it does help. My itching subsides. But after that episode it will again flare up another time. I have a feeling this cream treats the symptoms temporarily and doesn’t address the underlying problem which has been undiagnosed as of now. So I have been dealing with this for the past 3 years ago without a proper diagnosis and treatment, without knowing whether there is even a cure for this problem.
I would appreciate any help anyone can offer based on their experience either receiving treatment or treating patients. I understand that these issues cant be diagnosed and treated without physical exam by the physician. But any input you can give me, will make it easier for me to ask the physician if some of the diagnosis others have received could be the diagnosis for me as well. So your experience will be helpful. Thank you very much for your help.
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I dont sweat much. And in these areas, I hardly sweat at all.
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You might talk to your doctor about the Anti-Monkey Butt powder, anyway, because it contains calamine lotion which is good for itching  
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Do you sweat a lot in these areas?  My dermatologist recommended that I use a body powder in areas that tend to sweat/stay damp, such as underarms, groin, etc.   The powders she recommended were "Anti Monkey Butt" powder (yep, it's a real thing...), Gold Bond powder or cornstarch.   Ask your doctor if something simple like that could help you.
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