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Itchy bumps in the bikini line area

To: Dr. Whoever
I get these like "bumps" not really bumps in my book, but and they are not like in my genetals or on them but more along the bikini line where my underwear would rest or on the inside of my leg near the bikini line, they itch and i keep itching them and they dont have puss or bleed or anything they just kinda scab over after ive itched them so much and heal. Any ideal what this could be? Is it possible its just a weird type of razor burn? I have really sensitive skin, I've been tested for all and any STD's since i found out i was pregnant.
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Most of us here are just other patients, so this isn't an official medical opinion, but it sounds like irritated hair follicles, the same thing that often happens there after shaving.  it could be caused by the elastic in your panties.  Try a thick lotion or greasy salve on a regular basis to prevent new bumps and to let the existing ones heal.  And you might try less constricting underwear.

Congratulations on being pregnant!
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ah your pregnant congrats!!! na do you shave ( i know that personal) or your partner shaves? it will cause little bumps with scabs aroud thr lining of the hairs
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I agree with Ricobord. Sounds like razor burn.
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It's better to never shave the private area.  People claim it's about hygiene.  This is a modern day myth.  If you want some hygiene without the razor bumps, you can simply use some dollar store hair scissors dedicated to your personal use down there and simply trim your area.  I used to get the razor bumps as a young person and soon realized that razors should NEVER be used down there in the delicate skin.  Besides, you don't want that additional discomfort when your belly starts sticking out in your third trimester.  You shouldn't have to do this all that often.  During your third trimester when you're sticking out and too uncomfortable to try to reach down there, you'll likely not even bother trying to trim or shave either one.  Then, you'll realize that leaving the hair longer isn't going to hurt anything hygiene wise.

If it's not razor burn, then see your doctor.  You can get a fungal infection in the folds of the skin where the hair grows (AKA the bikini area).  Never wear nylon underwear for this reason alone.  Always wear cotton, because cotton is breathable.  You want to let plenty of air flow through your private area.  Do this whether you're pregnant or not.  Forget the cutesy stuff right now, because you need to be comfortable while you're pregnant.  You should never wear tight underwear or other clothing even when you're not pregnant because you can get this fungal growth.  It feels like a burn and is very uncomfortable.

If it is fungal, be sure to see your doctor.  Don't try to treat it yourself with over-the-counter products until or unless the doctor tells you it's alright.  Anything you put on your skin is absorbed into the blood stream, so you want to be sure that the medications you might use are going to be safe for the baby, too.
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