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It's not a vibration it's something else

I recently obtained my CDL and began driving in teams, 14 hours on and 11 hours off. So, if I wasn't driving I was trying my best to sleep on the top bunk in the cab. But the constant sway of the truck makes it almost impossible to sleep during the day (I was on night shift). Up there, you feel every single bump in the road. It's a lot like being on a ship in the ocean during a storm. But I felt like I adapted and did end up sleeping a few hours the last couple nights.

Problem is that NOW I still have the sensation like I am being rolled around in the sleeper berth of the truck. Whenever I stand up from laying down my entire upper body feels a sensation so unusual I can hardly describe it. Imagine a ball being rolled down a hill. But the ball is not perfectly round, rather it is oblong and it rolls in an unusual sway down the hill. That is about how it feels inside of me while it is shaking my entire body. I can't see my hands trembling, but I feel it. I cannot see my heart pulsing, but I feel it. I cannot see my body swaying, but I feel it. It all happens with a certain rhythm too, not like a vibration, but a rhythm, and it is very constant. My body still feels like it is on a ship. But I am not nauseous, I don't feel like vomiting either. I just don't feel like I can walk straight when it is happening.

It is accompanied by slight dizziness or confusions, lack of motor function - to the degree that it almost feels like an hallucination. For example, I can't seem to quite touch my fingers together, except very slowly. It just feels unreal. It gives me a sense of tunnel vision as well.

The entire experience is just odd.

I had my blood pressure taken while I was experiencing this. My normal blood pressure (37 y/o male) is 115/77 - very healthy. But Just recently it was taken during my dizzy spell and the BP was so low, it was 101/63.

I cannot think of any correlation between driving the truck and low BP. In most cases BP is highly elevated for truck drivers. So this is unusual.

The spell normally lasts for approximately 20 minutes.
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oops - 14 hours on/10 hours off
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I think the problem you are experiencing are connected to your inner ear balance mechanism.

You can get some medication from the chemist for travel sickness that will help to steady the motion sensations.

The other symptoms you describe that of dizziness and confusion etc., can be from an inner ear infection or from a urinary tract infection.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids (wate) 2-3 litres throughout the day, more if the weather is hot or your are sweating.  Dehydration can also make you feel dizzy and confused.

The other reason for the hallucinations and only being able to touch your fingers very slowly (apart from fever) is likely due to you having lack of sleep.

I would suggest though that you make an appointment with your doctor to check out for any ear, throat or water infections and any neurological disorders.

Best wishes.

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