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I've been having headaches etc for 2weeks. What does my Complete Blood Test say?

Hi. I'm a 25 years old male. I've been experiencing headaches (intensity and location keep changing but mostly at top of head, forehead and become more intense at night), weakness, tiredness, restlessness and mental exhaustion for 2 weeks. I went to a GP and he ordered a Complete Blood Count test. It may be a few weeks before I might be able to visit my doctor again, so I thought maybe somebody on this forum could take a look at my test reports and see if there's anything suspicious or urgent? I have attached a photo of my test report. Thanks

PS: I've been taking Omeprazole 40mg once every night for a month for my acid reflux problem

Edit: below are my test's readings. I'm writing them down because I cant seem to be able to attach a photo since I'm new to this forum:

WBC Count: 7300/mm3


RBC Count: 6.10 mil/mm3 (4.5 - 6.0)

Hemoglobin: 15.6 g/dl (14 - 18)

Hematocrit: 51% (40 - 50)

MCV: 83 fL (82 - 98)

MCH: 26pg (27 - 31)

MCHC: 31 g/dl (32 - 36)

RDW-CV: 13% (11 - 16)

Platelets: 344,000 /mm3 (140,000 - 450,000)

Differential Counts

Neutrophils: 73% (40 - 75)

Lymphocytes: 19% (15 - 45)

Monocytes: 6% (2 - 12)

Eosinophils: 2% (2 - 6)

Basophils: 0% (0 - 1)

Bands: 0% (0 - 3)

Pathologist Comments : Normocytic Normochromic RBC, Adequate platelets present
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