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I am 56 yrs. old and since last summer  I have been waking up in the morning with joint pain. My elbow joints, hip, and knee joints are all painful. And I have this tired weak feeling so it takes me awhile to get out of bed. The meds I am taking are : Nexium 40mg. twice a day, Amlodipine Bensylate 5mg. once a day, Trilipix 135mg. once a day and Ibuprofen 600mg. when needed. Pravastatin Sodium 40mg. once a day and Alprazolam 1mg. twice a day. I have been to my doctor and have told him about it and he just says, its anxiety. Does anyone know what might be causing this ?? I am tired of hearing that it is anxiety ! Please help !!!!!!!!!!!
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When you take a drug and have an unexplained symptom/s, look at the side effects. It is common to be taking one or more prescription drug due to the side effects of the original drug.

The newest warning out for PPI's such as Nexium is magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium deficiency symptoms include:

Effects on muscles and nerves:

*  headaches, migraines
*  tight sore aching knotted muscles
*  backache, shoulder girdle ache, chest pain
*  cramps, twitches, spasm
*  inability to sit still, fidgety, restless
*  restless leg syndrome, cold hands & feet
*  anxiety, agitated, nervy, ready to explode
*  panic attacks, irritable, apprehensive, aggressive
*  poor attention span & concentration, ADD

Effects on sleep:

*  body jumps on point of going to sleep
*  legs restless & jumping
*  leg & anal cramps, body rocking
*  grinding teeth, hiccups, lump in throat feeling
*  poor breathing, sleep apnoea
*  wake stiff & sore
*  feet feel puffy, swollen, sore to walk on on rising
can feel every pebble through shoes or crumb on sheet

Effects on heart and blood vessels:

*  abnormal heart rhythms, palpitations, racing pulse
*  high blood pressure, angina/heart attacks
*  poor circulation, purple hands & feet
*  tingling, prickly feeling, crawling sensation on skin
*  light headed, dizzy, numbness
*  muscles seize up in cold due to constriction
*  skin sensitivity - sore to touch
*  noise sensitivity - TV too loud, lawn mower hurts ears
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anxiety does not normally cause joint pain unless your anxiety causes you to hold your joint rigidly for a period of time.
any ticks in your area when you are outside? some tick bites can cause joint pain and fatigue.
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