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Joint Pain?

Just over the past couple weeks I've had a few issues concerning my joints. First, my knee was a bother. I'm talking about pain so extreme I couldn't walk, I couldn't even lay down with a great amount of pain. It faded after a few days. But it seemed it came from the inside part of my knee. That was on my right leg. Then, maybe a week after, my foot/ankle started to act up on the same leg. It was extremely painful to walk on the ball of my foot. As it lessened over a few days, I realized that the main source of all the hurt was my ankle. Now, I'm experiencing extreme pain in my left wrist and hand. I can't move it certain ways or my whole arm will suffer. My thumb especially has difficulties moving. I can't even pull up my pants without extreme pain. I'd like to get this figured out. I'm only 17, I can't imagine things like these happening one after another is entirely normal. They've all been gradual pains, as well. Thank you for the help.
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This is often how Lyme Disease starts?  Have you been bit by a tick recently?  You don't have to see a tick or a rash. Only about half do.  Go see your doctor right away.  Lyme is easy to treat early.  It can be life destroying if allowed to progress.
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Sorry...typo.  Didn't mean to make the first sentence a question.

If you test negative and your symptoms continue with no answers, please come back and post on the Lyme forum.
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Hi Nikmare.
I too have a cousin who is 19 yrs of age, having similar problems but the pain is not that much. It is best to consult an orthopedic doctor for such conditions. As in your case, i think it is hereditary, as you are too young to have joint pains. Its the same with my cousins. Many of the people on her mother's side have severe joint pains. Do any of yr mom/dad/g mom/g dad etc had these sort of problems. If no, it may be something else. Take adequate amount of calcium probably 800mg/day or refer a chart.  But consult a doctor. Hard to say, but maybe you will still have some pain even after it n will have to bear with it.
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