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Joint grinding and pain

Im a 29yr old female and have severe pain in many of my joints.  Mostly hips and ankles but the grinding happens in my wrists often and sometimes my elbows.   Funny that I wake up feeling worse than I do at the end of a long work day.  After sitting in a comfy chair to long I cant stand up straight til after a few steps.  Long car rides kill my hips and ankles because I cant keep them moving.  Sometimes I feel like I am locking up.  The grinding is awful and it scares me because I feel Im doing damage to my joints each time it happens.  Ive been to my doctor at least 3 times over the matter.  Been on Ultrum, Lodine, Meloxicame and none off them have even phased the problem.  Ive had so many blood test done and everything always comes back normal which usually only disappoints me.  Not that I want something to be wrong with me, its just that I wish they would find what it is so we can do something about it.  Ive waited nervously on blood work because I feel each time they will find what it is but its always nothing.  My ankles are the worse.  Even sitting here right now they feel so worn out.  If I try to stretch them out or rotate my ankles I feel so tired.  Its hard to explain.  Just total weekness and fatigue of the body.  My posture has gotten so bad over the years I feel its making it worse and also causing my lower back stiffness.  Ive been on the Meloxicame for over 2 months now and Im thinking about giving up on it.  Need to make ANOTHER appointment and dont even know what to say this time.  At points I want to pop up at the office and cry to the doctor and beg him to do whatever it takes to find whats wrong.  Im so tired of this pain and tiredness.  Any suggestions???
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
You have pain mainly in lower back and legs. The various causes of leg pain are atherosclerosis, deep vein thrombosis - (A blood clot in a deep vein), Leriche syndrome (block in abdominal aorta and/or main leg artery), limb ischaemia (low oxygen to limbs), sciatica, spondylitis of lower vertebrae and peripheral vascular disease (arteries of limbs are involved).
If you are a diabetic, smoker, on birth control pills and an athlete in the past, you must get yourself investigated for deep vein thrombosis. A color Doppler test will rule out the possibility of involvement of an artery or vein and its blockage by a clot.
Pain stiffness and popping sound in the joints can be due to overuse or underuse of joint. Another reason is rheumatoid arthritis but this has been ruled out in your case. Tendonitis or bursitis of the joint too produces similar symptoms. Osteoarthritis too is a possibility but less likely at your age, unless there is a hormonal problem like low estrogen.
I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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instead of taking these pills that cause damage more then doing good..do a little research i have the same problems with my hips and they sound like they grind and its hard to walk sometimes cause it feels like your hips are going out of place. Vitamin D and do some of your own research theres tons of info out there.yoga as well helps for sure trust me..it ***** and i should take my own advice but, when i did do it i tell you was a miracle.but, start slow. I get ankle pain just from crossing my legs for like 2 seconds its just lack of exercise and not stretching. yes, it will hurt but, giving it a try for a few days and not thinking about the pain. see if that works if not time for a new doctor. remember taking pain killers dont do anything but, make you stiffer and sicker
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