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Just got test results back.

Can anyone tell me what this means?
Tests.              Results

Cd57+/Cd3+           <1%
Cd57+/Cd8+           <1%
Cd57+/Cd3+Cd8+       <1%
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Hi Linda. The tests and the results  you're posting are somewhat complicated and most doctors (never mind members) wouldn't know much about them.

Can you tell us what was the reason the doctor ordered these? Where they for disease progression/improvement
monitoring or possibly for diagnosis ?

Their diagnostic value is questionable to my opinion, but nonetheless, do you have the lab's reference value/range, the absolute values, the lab's name and city? and your town/city.

Note that these tests (at least CD 57) are very time-sensitive and must be done within 12 hours from the blood draw, from what I understand, however, with the limited information you posted, my statement may not be 100% accurate.
Good luck to you if you live outside NC or TX, where the only 2 labs which are able to test CD-57 properly are located.

From a fast glance at the results they seem very low,
which means very little at this point.

Looking forward to getting your answer and if possible include a brief medical history.
I'm from "the school of thought" where patients should be treated first and not the labs.

Best wishes,
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Hello~I thin that  Niko answered your question beautifully. In all honestly, I have no idea what they are for and what they mean. Have you asked your prescribing doctor?
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