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So a few months a go I had a bacteria virus in my kidneys and Colan.They said it went away but Every few weeks I get back pain and right side pains, I feel like i want to throw up, cant go to the bathroom, chills, fevers, bad migraines, like I have the flu and then three days later I am fine. I am not pregnant, you would have to have sex for that. I just feel sick, food makes me sick, all I want to do is drink Gatorade. Any Ideas? The dr keeps saying I have a balder infection, but I take the meds it gets better.
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If I were you,I would get a colonoscopy and an EGD(they go down into your stomach with a camera via your throat)They can do both on the same day.You need to see a gastroenterologist.Although a bladder infection can and will cause all of those symtoms.Good luck,I hope your feeling better soon.
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First a question for you, how much gatorade are you drinking every day and why are you drinking it?
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Umm, one 32 fl oz a day, plus 3 8 oz waters in between. It helps settle my stomach, the Dr said he would rather me drink that then the soda I was drinking. I cut out soda I may have one once a week and never finish it, I cut out mayo, fast food is hardly never, I cute out really high acids, and It just seems to not work, nothing does.   I take pepcid for heart burn like they tell me but I don't feel like I have heart burn.

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