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Kidney? Adrenal? Diabetes?

My 17 year old has been plagued with issues from day one. We have gone through a multitude of tests. I can not believe there are many more test to be had. We do have a new doctor, who we like and are going to keep going with her…but wanted some thoughts.

Current symptoms: Lethargic and sometimes un able to wake in the morning. Hand and face swelling upon waking. Constant right side flank pain (for years). Constant complaints of stomach pains. Poor digestion. Many more symptoms, 2 numerous to list. ~past history: sinus surgery, sebaceous cyst on scalp (no known reason) complete hair loss in area and surrounding scalp hair loss, but all thyroid tests normal. Looked at fibromialgia and similar disorders due to swelling and muscle and facial pain, chronic neck pain and headaches. The only other strange things that hasn’t been chased is a note of some like of possible cyst on the spleen.

Thought she may have another kidney or bladder infection, but this time the urine test showed protein, keytones and glucose in urine. No infection.

Thyroid test always within normal limits, blood sugar (fasting) never over 77, protein high end or normal, sodium low end of normal, WBC high end or normal, blood calcium high end of normal, Bun normal, creatine high end of normal, MCHC high, RDW low. IGE a little high with no known origin (multitude of tests) and ESRs high. Blood pressure always low end of normal. Body temp is often 96.8 or it is over 99. Neg for CMV, Mono, EBNA,VCA,and Lime

Due to the constant right side flank pain and past blood/urine test results they did to a renal scan last year. Looking for possible stones and see if they were working correctly. Right kidney slightly enlarged working at 40%, but told no sign of stones and maybe she was eating too many carbs and not enough fiber. In addition, plenty of people have worse kidney function and don’t feel pain, so the pain is not her kidney…And since blood pressure is low kidneys are probably not the problem. (I know she is not a high carb eater…but took it anyway.)

Her diet is consistent and healthy and she takes appropriate supplements.  Weight goes up and down with no known cause, not a small swing a large swing. Because she has always been sick (and catches everything) we stay away from pre-processed foods and use pro-biotics. A blood IGG food panel was done that showed elevated protein markers for a multitude of foods, so she tries to stay away from those big issue items. Always shows neg for celiac and arthritis, and auto-immune markers but avoids gluten and takes Meloxicam daily to function somewhat normally. Chiropractor notes continous intermittent lower lumbar swelling and inflamation around spine.

Is going to do an adrenal saliva test to check adrenals, but all other hormones tested in blood are normal.

Family history of arthritis, juvenile arthritis, thyroid, diabetes and heart issues…but her symptoms swing in every direction. It seems she may have one test result item that points to one direction, but another will pull it away, while nothing is ever a glaring problem, so finding a solution has been extremely taxing…What are we missing??  
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Too many carbs and not enough fiber as a reason for a kidney not working at full capacity for her age category?  I don't understand their reasoning on that?  Please don't rule out that 40 percent functioning enlarged kidney as a possible problem!  See an experienced nephrologist about that!  
Regarding adrenal testing, they might want to do more than one test.  ESR points generally to inflammation.  Blood calcium- have they made sure parathyroid glands are okay?
I have an old book called A Manual of Laboratory Diagnostic Tests by Frances Fischbach, second edition.  It says about increased values of MCHC: "An increased MCHC usually indicates spherocytosis."  See PM for more info on what spherocytosis is!
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Sounds like an occasion to visit a teaching hospital. She's almost old enough to get an appointment in the Mayo clinic system. If she's just now 17 and waiting a year is not feasible, try to find a children's hospital with an adolescent program. These symptoms are beyond the scope of a general practitioner.

I've got a 16 year old in a somewhat similar state, so I feel some of your frustration. There are times when we just accept it for what it is, rest from the tests and the searching, and then go again.

Blessings for your daughter.
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Since the ESR is high, there is some inflammation somewhere. Glomerulonephritis is one thing that should be looked into. Glomerular filtration rate, serum creatinine, blood urea, urine RBC, urine protein and urine concentration test should all be done on one day. In all probability the pain in abdomen, puffiness of face, lethargy etc are due to this. Please consult an urologist or a kidney specialist.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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