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Kidney Stones w/o blood in urine

Has anyone had kidney stones w/o having blood in urine? My daughter had stones in Feb.  Has had other problems since.  Still following up on all of that with dr.  The last several days she has had severe abdominal pain again on/off.  Went to dr yesterday just for a urine ck, no blood they said.  She was fine for the rest of the day.  Then in the night woke up with terrible pain.  I had to give her pain meds from when she had the stones before.   Any advice is appreciated...  Thanks.
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I'm sorry to hear your daughter is still having problems. I've had them with and without blood. They only cause blood when they are scraping their way through you. If they're just caught somewhere, there may be a lot of pain, but no signs of it in the urine.
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The passing of kidney stones is likened to giving birth.  It is very painful.  Pain meds are helpful, but walking seems to help them to pass a little more quickly if the stone is in the ureters.  Chronic low level dehydration from not drinking enough water is blamed for stones in young people who have no other kidney related problems.  When water is insufficient to clear the kidneys of waste, crystals build up in the kidneys and stones are formed. Passing the stones out of the kidneys is better than them staying there to eventually "kill" the kidney.  Neither a wonderful thought, but there is a good chance that if your daughter gives up the soda for water she will have fewer problems in the future.  Good luck
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My daughter has given up caffeine soda.  And doesn't drink much decaffeinated soda.  She drinks alot of Gatorade and water.  There is no way she is dehydrated, and that is what could be causing this.  Her urine showed yesterday that she was fully hydrated.  Since she was sick in Feb. we have stayed on her about drinking plenty of fluids.....  Taking her to the dr. this morning, but there isn't really much I think they can do except to rule out other possibilities.  The reason I seem to think they are kidney stones again is, she'll be fine one minute, and in terrible pain the next.  Then within a couple hours be ok again.  Thanks for your replies.  And thank you for your info myproblem!  It is always nice to hear from someone who has been through this.
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She does have a trace of blood in her urine, and they figure that with the symptoms it is kidney stones again.  They are sending us to a urologist.   Thanks for all your input.
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Sodium is the cause of kidney stones. You should check her level of sodium intake. Check the label on her drinks. I took a class in Nassau Community College given by Dr. Femminella called "The Science of Nutrition". He indicated drinking certain sport drinks can cause kidney stones because of the sodium levels.
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My 4 yr old grandson has kidney stones, and the pedi and urologist say too much gatorade.
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How is your daughter??  What did they find out?
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