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Kidney Stones

Went to Urologist for daughter's history with Kidney stones.  Original xray in February showed 2 stones. We did confirm she passed 1 of those stones in February.  Not sure if other ever passed.  Advised by doctors that it must of passed by now.....  Urologist said that probably with this last episode, just over a week ago, must of passed other stone.  Although we've been straining it, and haven't seen it.  Said to wait and watch her for now.  And within the next 6 months-hopefully will have insurance by then- wants to do a renal ultrasound to confirm kidneys look ok, and that there isn't any fluid build up, due to any type of blockage.  Advised us that if we did do all the xrays now, ct scan etc, and whether we saw another stone or not, would just be told to push fluids and watch to see if they pass.  Therefore said there is no rush to do all these tests when either way we just wait and watch. He did say no diet restrictions at all.  That caffeine is fine, and anything else she wants.  Just to drink lots of lemonade, and other liquids.   With all that being said, this morning she was having pain with urination, urgency to go, and pain very low, so we thought maybe she was going to pass the other stone.  We've pushed the liquids today (as usual) and it hasn't passed yet.  My instinct tells me it is still there, and hoping it  will pass soon.  So we again are in a wait and see pattern.   Doctor said she could of developed more stones in the last 2 months, but that was very unlikely. Any input???  Thanks.......
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Kidney stones are a painful experience.  Walking around, especially when the stone begins giving pain often helps to move the stone along it's way.  It is difficult to walk with the pain, but being still is just as bad, or worse.  Get rid of the sodas and other drinks in favor of water.  When the body is dehydrated, even a little bit (there will be no symptoms), calcium crystals can occur in the kidneys.  These crystals build into stones over time. Water may wash out the crystals before they build up leading to fewer stones and keeping the kidney healthy. Good luck
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