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Knee gives way after crunching sensation

I am a fairly active 41 year old with 2 young boys who keep me very busy.  I have a good diet.  
I have had knee pain in both knees for a few years and have taken cod liver oil to help lubricate.
Over the past 3/4 months on no particular activity, time or over exertion, my knee has crunched then an excruciating sharp pain goes through my knee and it gives way.  I collapse to the floor or have to grab on to something.
Immediately I can grab my knee and hold it to my chest without pain but if I try to straighten it or put any weight on it, the pain is intense.
My Doctor has never actually examined it but tells me I need more excercise to strengthen it?  I have 2 young boys, exercise is not an issue.
I rarely visit the Doctor and have no other medical concerns.  
I sometimes feel a real fraud as I can walk into a store or the zoo limping in agony as my knee has just given way and 30 minutes later I can hop and skip out of there. It is usually back to normal within 2 hours but the frequency of this occurring is now becoming
a problem.
Hope someone has some ideas, Thank you, Melenie
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joint noise that sounds like stepping on cereal is called "crepitus".  If the pain you are having is felt on the front  of the knee you may have a condition called patello-femoral crepitus.  This condition occurs when the knee muscles experience an unbalanced muscle pull (due to walking position or the way you are standing), the surfaces of the femor, tibia, and knee cap are not in alignment, or from osteoarthritis.  Symptoms include pain in the front of the knee, pain when the knee is bent (squat)for a length of time, or when the knee ocassionally can't support the body.  This needs to be evaluated by an orthopedist. good luck
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