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Left Half Of Body Sensations/Pain???

Hello all, I am 22 years old, female, 5’8 and around 250 pounds. I don’t have any conditions (that I know of) besides obesity and slightly high cholesterol. I get chest pain from time to time and recently had a holter monitor and the results were good. About 5 days ago, I started having chest pain again, I think it’s musculoskeletal from starting a new job around a month ago and starting to be active again after being sedentary for so long. I don’t know if this chest pain is related- but I got a quick shooting pain in my arm one night while in bed. It didn’t last but since then I’ve been having a pressure/aching sensation in my left arm. The same sensation/ache has spread to my left leg. I went to urgent care twice and they did multiple EKGs and they came back normal. They did draw blood to check for troponin and it was negative. So as far as I know, my heart isn’t the issue, unless they missed something. In my left arm the pressure feeling is mostly in the top half and spreads to the left side of my neck as well. The past couple days it has seemed like it spreads to the left side of my face/head as well. Every sensation is only on the left half of my body. The right half is normal. I followed up with my primary doctor after going to urgent care, and we discussed it maybe being a pinch nerve. However, I don’t know how this would explain the sensations being on the entire left half of my body. Also, I haven’t fallen or suffered any injury recently. I struggle with anxiety and have been having a super hard time with all of this lately. I have never had these sensations before and they’re frightening. Why is my left arm, left leg, and sometimes left side of face and head having these sensations and aching!? I am scared to die. I’m scared to have something wrong with my heart or brain or blood flow or something, I don’t know. Doctor just said to take ibuprofen and rest as much as I can for a week. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? One half of your body having sensations? I need some peace of mind.

TLDR; Pressure and aching sensations only on left half of body, left arm, left leg, and occasionally left half of face and head. Chest pain as well, unsure if related.

Thank you all and any advice or insight or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated <3
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