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Left arm tingling and dizziness

I have been experiencing very odd discomfort in my arm for the past two months.  My left arm only, tingles and goes numb.  At the same time I feel very dizzy and I start to develop a dull headache that sits right behind my eyes.  Sometimes my vision becomes blurry during the episode.  Each episode lasts about two minutes and I usually feel a little dizzy afterward but ok for the most part.  Sometimes I can feel the episode coming on and other times it just hits all of a sudden.  I had an MRI done and the results came back fine.  I also had extensive bloodwork done and they also came back fine.  My doctor then put my on Inderol LA for complex migraines, but the medication is not working and I am having more frequent episodes than before starting the meds.  My doctor is baffled and doesn't know what else to do.  He has looked for brain tumors, MS and thyroid disorders but says I check out fine on all of those.  He has been calling around to local doctors to see what they say, but no one seems to have any idea.  I am an otherwise healthy 23 year old with no other medical problems and a VERY healthy medical history.  Any ideas about what this could be?
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If the doctors can't find anything, you might want to consider that it might be something a little simpler than you thought. I've had back problems over the years and have experience some of the exact things you are.  Sometimes the muscles in our backs can do strange things.  If you have a vertebra out of alignment or a knot in your back depending on the area this can cause numbness, tingling, heartburn all kinds of symptoms that might make people think it is something else.  You might want to consider having a massage, see if the therapist finds anything and see if you feel better.
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I agree with pobo, but wanted to add something.  I know this sounds crazy but my mom used to experience numbness in her arm.  The doctor took her COMPLETELY off caffeine (she had a major coffee addiction) and it seemed to do the trick.  I don't know if you consume a lot of coffee, but you may want to try eliminating all sources of caffeine for a few weeks and see if that makes a difference.  At the very least, it can't hurt.
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Maybe you should try to go to a chiropractor. They have been know to help those kind of problems.
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I agree with all the posters. I have cervical and lumbar disc problems and the cervical problems attack my arms and fingers. Did you have a cervical spine MRI? I fnot I'd ask them to order one and have a looksee. Also eliminate anything brown from your diet for a couple of weeks to see if it is the caffine. Good Luck!
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Do you have nausea and/or heart palpitations w/ these episodes?  Also, is the dizziness relieved by sitting down?  You may need to see an electrophysiologist/ and or cardiologist.  I've taken care of women who had blood pressure problems- any sharp drop can make you dizzy- as far as the arms/ fingers numb and tingling- can also be associated w/ this.  Sometimes this is overlooked in young women.
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Hi Milehigh

I can only concur with your doctors analysis so far, in that I have had migraine attacks that have done the same. I am a migraine sufferer and have since found a total ban on coffee have lessened the affects. About 4 years ago I got similiar symtoms, tingling numbness in my arm and headache afterward. I was 33, my eyesight has always been affected by migraine in that I lose sight - half sight - I only see half of a person's face for instance - this goes on for about 20 minutes and then I get lightening bolt effects in my vision and then a powerful ( must lie down) headache. But four years ago this changed to a tightening and numbness in my arm, some visual disturbance and a not so bad annoying eye headache.  I had MRI scans they thankfully were normal - But I found I was B12 deficient - ( pernicious anemia) after doc ran checks on my vitiman levels - he thought I was calcium deficient. B12 defiency can give you severe pins and needle effects in the limbs but my main problem was tiredness .  For you though it does sound like migraine and migraine can show itself with some of the most horrible symtoms, and differing symptoms between sufferers,  I know the numbness is bloody frightening!  I would look to your diet and but a temporary ban on any of the three C's - Coffee, Cheese and Chocolate - also look at MSG additives as a no, no and be careful of red wine.

For me the ban on Coffee has certainly helped.  In so much as I remember my first migraine when I was 12 and had just enjoyed months of drinking my first adolescent sips of sweet coffee.  I recently threw out my perculator and am four years off the stuff.

I hope you find out what is doing this and find a solution soon


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From what you say I think what you are having is a TIA     I get them all the time.  You need to go to the doctor and maybe get on plavix. What happens with me is blurred vision and numbness first, once that goes away I get the headache. The first time it started with my hand getting numb like I was washing dishes and the water was too hot, then My I had to look to the side of the thing That I wanted to see. There was a blur spot on the center of what I was looking at. My first few came about a month after i was extremely upset. Now I control myself. I remember feeling a snap in my head while I was upset then a month later the numbness and headache happened. Let me know if this is what you are having, I'm interested.
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i need some opinions or advice on whats going on with me,,,
the past 5 days i have had bad migraines, tingling and numbness on my left arm and left foot and calf. My left face seems to turn cold sometimes.  I get very dizzy, delusional, and light headed...kind of like im living in a dream or something.  Most of all these things happen when im doing something. If i lay down all day and dont do anything, these episodes dont come often if at all.  A few months ago the numbness and tigling started in my left leg and ocassional migranes only when i turn my head or stand up quick.  I dont know whats wrong with me. I dont hav health insurance for another 2 weeks so i cannot go to the doctor.  Im just hoping that it is not something life threatening. Thats what im most concerned about.  Has anyone ever experienced something like this before? or if you have any clue as to whats going on with me please let me know. im starting to wonder if this is brain tumor symptoms or bad circulation to my head symptoms. im very confused. ..
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Dear Banduro,
   My heart goes out to you. I hope you have been able to visit a doctor by now. These sites worry me a bit, b/c some people might need to visit a doctor immediately, rather than seeking advice on the Internet. I understand your situation of no medical insurance, though. There could be several causes of your symptoms.
   I went to this site b/c I am having some of your similar symptoms ( tingling in left arm and lower leg, but lasting only several seconds), but with no headache. A few years ago when I first experienced this, I thought I might have been having a stroke or heart attack--b/c of left arm and leg tingling. I ended up going to the emergency room, where a migraine headache developed (I didn't know then that some headaches I'd been having since high school were officially migraines--mainly with extreme sensitivity to light and throbbing in the area between my eyebrows. I had thought they were sinus-related.) From the ER doc I learned that this tingling can be a signal that a migraine is approaching. I was told that my symptoms could also have been caused by the fact that I had not taken my anti-anxiety meds for two days.
   During the previous few months, though, these same tingling symtpoms have re-curred, with no headache, and I am no longer on that medication. When I visitied my doc for some female-cycle problems last month--I am almost 48--I mentioned the tingling. She thought it could be related to something out of line in my neck or back, but didn't want to delve into a discussion at that time. I had already used up my time and she definitely wasn't concerned about the symptoms, so I tried to not be worried. (I know doctors dislike it when patients say "Oh, by the way..." at the end of the appointment.)
   Well, I did get a deep neck and back massage, b/c I was hesitant to go to a chiropractor, and things improved for a few days. I have been talking to people and keep hearing about EAR CRYSTALS that can be "disturbed" and cause similar symptoms. So, now I'll look into this before I visit a chiropractor.
   I have also recently realized that the tingling often--but not always--occurs when I turn my head to the right.
   I will keep you in my prayers, Banduro, that this is nothing serious and that the cause is found soon so that you can enjoy your life.
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yea i am 18 years old and i also struggle with some of that stuff. like i get alot of chest pain ranging from very dull to real sharp feeling. and i get this like poppy feeling.. doesnt hurt... but i get it in the left side of my head and then i get extremely lightheaded like im about to pass out but dont actually do it.. and i get real dizzy, occasionally with blurred/double vision. and i also have like constant headaches. along with that i get alot of abdominal/kidney pain and sometimes shortness of breath or just shallow breathing. i cant stand for long periods of time without constantly moving around because my feet get real cold and tingly and my toes get real red. and with all that said, the top half of my right leg has had almost no feeling, like its completely numb for 4 days straight now....
ive had these problems for years.. but they were on occasion.. but now its like everyday.
oh and another thing... is when im sleeping.. sometimes its real hard to wake up.. like im awake but i cant open my eyes or move my body, like i almost feel paralized, so it takes alot of effort and strength just to come out of those episodes... that usually happend about 2-3 times a month.
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my symptoms are little bit of everybody's symptoms. My pain starts in my left arm, it feels like someone punched me in the arm very hard and I cant lift it. I can squeeze okay, but it feel like my arm is asleep. I hope I dont sound looney tunes!! that is the way my arm feels though.  Along with this I feel like someone has some netting over my eyes. Vision in my left eye is sometimes hazy.  I have headaches every now and then sometimes extreme, I have intense mid to lower back pain. sometimes when I bend my neck i also feel just off. i had an episode yesterday where i got extremely hot and felt like i was going to pass out. I just feel like any moment I will collapse. when I sit down on the toilet, not even for a long period of time my legs fell numb. the thing is my blood pressure is fine. I went to the er room with numbness in my hand,they did an ekg and blood work and didnt find anything.  I just dont feel like myself, and I have been feeling like this since I had my fourth child.
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I came across this googling for symptoms of very strange dizziness,a 'tight' feeling round my head and a numb tingling arm.I was relieved to see its associated with migraine.I too have had an MRI and god knows how many blood tests to see whats wrong with me after suffering nightmare headaches as well as migraines for years.I also get disturbed vision-different to the migraine type-my vision 'drags'-like the picture has frozen,like on TV,then it comes back and a few 'frames' are missing,it can be very dissorientating.I also lose my balance a lot,which is similar to vertigo (which I also get) My doctor said it wasn't an ear thing like Menieres and after seeing a specialist was told it has no cure and no effective treatment and is called Basilar Artery Migraine.Apparently the artery that runs up the back of the head and controls vision somehow gets constricted,distorting vision and giving the feelings of unbalance.The overall effect is like persistance of vision mixed with perpetual motion-like when you step off a roundabout.I know I said it doesn't have an effect treatment,but sometimes just knowing what it is and what causes it can offer a little relief.
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I am strangely comforted that lots of people have unexplained symptoms like I do, however, at the same time I wish we all had an answer and a quick fix.  I had never thought of something being out of whack in my spine or neck causing my troubles.  I have episodes of tingling in my hands, arms, nose, lips with dizziness and palpitations.  I frequently am fatigued with a headache and nausea also sometimes.  Now and then I'll be sitting or standing and my head will feel like it's being filled with pressure, but a friend owned a blood pressure cuff and checked it at that moment and it was fine.  I suffer from anxiety, but I have always wondered, what came FIRST the physical symptoms or the anxiety ABOUT the symptoms.  Getting up and moving around always helps me.  I really think I'll check into the chiropractor.  Throughout the day I easily pop my neck and lower back just by tilting my body to the side with no effort or forcing.  Best wishes with you all, I'm so sorry you don't feel well.
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I had a similar problem and it turns out that I had a gluten intolerance that was causing swelling and other issues that led to the dizziness, headache, etc.  I completely cut out all (absolutely all) gluten from my diet and my symptoms went away.  Try it for 6 weeks to see if it helps.  Check online for gluten intolerance or celiac disease (an extreme form of gluten intolerance).
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I have had almost the EXACT same symptoms.  I am 17, I have asthma, and for the past 4 years I've had dizzy spells.  If I get up too quickly, sit down to quickly, anything, I get dizzy.  But I've also had them when I'm standing or sitting still.  My heart begins to race violently and I become dizzy.  If I take a step, I have a shot of pain throughout my body.  The dizzy spell isn't like after you spin in circles and everything is moving; everything is normal, but I feel dizzy and off balance.  My symptoms worsened this year.  I went to the ER 9/19/07 because I had called to make an appointment, and I had the hospital practically yelling at me to go the ER, saying that the numbness in my left arm and the racing of my heart could be a heart attack.  I went in, I was fine.  When I left I was extremely tiered (I don't know if it was because I had blood drawn) and I slept from 6 pm till 7 am.  and When I woke up I was STILL tiered.  Last night, I had similar symptoms in my arm (it is only my left arm), only this time I had a quick shot of the symptoms through my left leg, and the center of my foot, just above the heel soared with pain.  I felt agitated, restless, and in complete pain, and only got an hour of sleep.  Then this morning in my History class, I had the same feelings in my arm, and I went to turn my head and it felt like I tore/cracked, I don't know how to explain, in my head.  This took my completely by surprise.  I kept turning my head again to see if it would do it again.  It didn't.  Halfway through the class, I turned my head to the opposite direction, and it happened AGAIN.  After class I couldn't keep balance, I tripped twice going up the stairs.  I have also had sharp pains behind my eyes, it feels as if my eye is being strained and torn.  That pain is however fleeting.  I've been running out of breath rapidly.  It is difficult for me to walk and talk at the same time because I start panting and getting dizzy.  I'm scheduled to get a holter monitor Monday.  I also have been suffering shortness of breath for which I was told by a doctor that I should start taking an inhaler twice a day (which I haven't been doing).  I hate hospitals, I'm scared of needles, and every time I give in to go, my symptoms aren't there.  And then I look like a fool and feel completely humiliated.  I eat healthy, I do mild exercising (nothing requiring use of the inhaler).  I also have insomnia, which I found out recently could be a side effect of the inhaler.  I've taken Ambian, but only three times out of the several months that I have had it.  As far as coffee, I don't drink it regularly and am most certainly not addicted.  I don't like medication and don't want medication.  I just want the pain to go away.  It is effecting my school work, my sleep, and my daily activities.  
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Also, I probably should have read everyone's comments before I wrote.  But I was anxious to get my voice out.  I thought (still sort of think) that I'm going crazy after blood results (blood pressure, etc) and heart  came back normal.   I take B-12 regularly.  And I've had "blind" spots in my eye, but I always thought it was from use of makeup, even when I didn't wear makeup.  the little spot gives me a blurry feeling.  I've checked to see if it's eye dirt, but nothing.  I think it's just from the make up and messing with my eyes.  I don't wear contacts or anything like that. And I had two instances in my life where I've passed out.  several months ago I collapsed after turning my alarm off, woke up some time later and had a panic attack because I didn't know where I was.  After that I went immediately to the hospital and got put on Ambian.  It doesn't work (I've been on a few different sleep meds.; they never work.)  So I stopped taking it.  And even when I did take it, I took it only 3 times; every other day since that I was told.  I couldn't sleep when I took it.  
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I have been having the same symptoms the tingiling on my fingers the numness on my arm and the chest pain that goes to the back, if any af you has an anser PLEASE! send me an email and let me know, i am a bit worry, everyone tells me is estress, i have 3 boys between te ages of 2 and 8 so i have a lot going on in my house everyday and night! thanks.
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i've felt the same numbness in my left arm, pinky and ring finger -- i just called my doc to make an appointment and they suggest i go to the ER since not only my arm hurts it runs all the way to my heart.  It feels almost like indigestion but not sure what it is -- don't know if it's b/c i was taking allergy medicine and i'm on a diet (Nutrisystem) but it did start on friday when i got into an argument that my pain got more agitated -- i'm so confused, this has never happen.  Right now i'm typing and my fingers are in a slight pain, like it comes and goes.
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I cannot believe I googled my symptoms and this message board came up...I have had the left arm tingling and numbing of the fingers, my upper arm feels like its always cold and wet also when I am experiencing everything.
I constantly feel light headed and dizzy, with occasional nausea. I have had metabolic tests done on my blood and everything came back great..I visit the chiropractor all the time and I am currently on a waiting list for an MRI. I have 5 kids at home and a hubby that works out of town, and it gets very frustrating and scary to think if something happened and he wasn't around to help me. If anyone finds out anything new with their symptoms, please let me know, thanks.
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I am 6.5 months pregnant and decided to have a glass off red wine tonight.  Just after I finished the glass my left arm feel asleep.  It has felt that way for a couple hours now.  It feels like the source is around my inner elbow.  I don't feel dizzy or anthing else, but this is strange.  It is that uncomfortable tingly feeling like when you hit your funny bone.  
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I have been having numbness and tingling in my left arm and hand.  There is even a swollen part of  my arm that seems to have heat in it.  I am menopausing and I am afraid that it could be a heart attack. My arm actually hurts.  Also, I seem to have intergestion and a burning sensation in my chest. It hurts so bad.  Please help me.
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I am experiencing similar symptoms and completely freaked out.  i am a healthy 35 yr old woman.  I had my 2nd child July 2008 and my symptoms started in Jan 2009.  I thought it was from being so tired.  My symptoms mostly are numbness and tingling in LEFT arm and fingers.  Also, my left side of my face feels numb when I am stressed and tingles too.  Today it is a bad day so I came to the internet.  Mostly my pinky and left ring finger are tingling today.  My sleeping has been terrible for months.  My neck has hurt a little bit too.  Ant answers?
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I have read so many of you share about the same symptoms I have suffered with for over 15 years.  Numbness, dizzyness, double vision, severe headaches/migraines, etc.  I spent 15 years going to the doctor for help and was told it was migraines but none of the medications helped.  I had CT scans and nothing was found.  This year I had an MRA (type of MRI) and the source of my problems was finally found.  I have a condition called Chiari I Malformation.  If any of you are still reading this board and looking for answers please research this condition and if you think it might apply to you I suggest you seek help for testing from your physician.
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I experience numbness in my upper left arm.  It started several years ago with a mild tingling feeling.  My doctor diagosed it as tendonitis.  I play softball but I'm right handed.  The numbness is really showing it's ugly face these past three weeks.  I do not get any headaches.  As a matter of fact is rare when I do get a headache.  I don't know if it is coincidental or not but I got a flu shot three weeks ago.  Ever since then I've been experiencing the numbness three times more then before.  I also have a knot in my upper back near my neck, adjacent to my shoulder blade.  This could be causing it but I'm not too sure.  I have a lot of anxiety issues as well.  I'm 44 years old and had my first anxiety attack at the age of 18.  I lived with palpitations for 20 years and started to get panic attacks approximately four years ago when I would get stressed.  They put me on an antidepressant along with anti anxiety medication.  I tried to wean myself off the antidepressant and was unsuccessful.  Four months later the anxiety and panic attacks were back at full rage.  I wanted to post this in case there is anyone else out there with the same symptoms.
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It eases me a bit after reading so many people are in the same boat as me. I have migraine since 20 years ago, also diagnosed to have spine problems, neck problems, lack of vitamin B ---seems that they are all in a package.
but my question is : why am i getting tingling left arm only 2 months ago?

p/s 2months ago was a stressful time for me and  the only other changes are: I have not been taking my vitamins consistently and stopped my gym.

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Jan.28, 2010 This is the third time I have had numbness in my left side I can hardley type this.  my left arm is heavy and my left leg is a little numb I have no pain in my chest but I do have numbness in my upper and lower lip and the back of my neck I can hardley lift my fingers on the left i can hardley lift my left leg to walk my index finger works my speech is a little slurred MY Neck is A LOT Of the problem .  it is afffecting my thought process somewhat and agAIN there is no pain  i am am sorry for the up and down in letters but my left hand keeps punching the caps key  I am now just typing with my right hand i have no insurance and have lost my job so the doctor and hospital are my last resort  

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i have been having tingling in my hands and feet for two months, its only when im not movin around and i get dizzy wen i stand up. sometimes i will see spots. also ive have frequent shoulder and back pain. i dont know if these are related. any answers.... also im on birth control and im only 18
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the exact thing happends to me after the birth of my son at the age of 21 about 6 mos later i started to get the numbness in my left arm, always usually followed by dizziness and I past out for the 1st time in my life and never again since then and also the same numbness will be in my left leg to when the numbness is lil stronger, am 33 now so I have had it for about 12 yrs, I did go to the doctor for it about 7 yrs ago and I was told that it couldnt be a brain tumor cause by then would of been dead, then she ask me if it acures more often during my cycle and I said yes, she told me that its some form of migrane, I left and never looked into it again, so I don't know what it is, am over weight now and am scared to go to the doctor for what he would find or say, but I know that I just need to suck it up and just go, i started feeling the numbness and dizzness so I decided to see if i find anyone else who has the same symptom since i was on the pc. I dont happen when am sleep only wake and usually it comes on with sudden movements,  like if I've been driving for a long time or sitting and I just get up and when I don't eat much, it's also trigger buy that, am going to start the master cleanse diet and was just curious as to what it was before i get started. thanks for listening and I hope to find some answers here.
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I have been having numbness and tingling in both arms, bth feet and legs (left leg mroe than right)  I was diagnosed with Periphial Neuropathy.  The really didn't do much to acheive this diagnosis, in my opinion.  they did a couple of simple tests, a full on blood test and that's it.  Now I accepted it at first but now I notice that when I bend my neck I can feel it in my thighs so I'm wondering if it's a pinched nerve.  The Dr.s also thought it was strange that it was all over like this.  I think I will try a chiropractor.  Anyone else have symptoms like this?
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It's been almost 20 month now that my problems started.
It began with a bit of a "funny head" and numbness down my left arm and outside two fingers - after a trip to ED, series of bloods, ECG, MRI and four months of physio - nothing had changed
Then seven months down the track I got tingling in both hands and feet - which continue all day every day. Nights are the worst, and if I wear high-heels or closed in shoes, my toes go numb!
I've had a cat scan, two MRI's seen a neuro three times and had countless blood tests but still no answers - all tests have come back "normal". My first Dr told me to see a relaxation therapist!!
These days I'm seeing a new doctor - the dizziness is worse, and I often feel nauseus, have a pounding and racing heart and all this on top of tingling hands and feet. I requested another MRI (lower down my back to see if this finds anythign - but am almost at my wits end!
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Hello All,

The symptoms talked about here regarding left arm issues I have had myself.  It is most likely hypertension.  MY pressure can be 160/100 even at low heart rate.  Heart attacks / strokes happen very quickly and you'll know fast that this is your issue.  Anxiety can effect the body and nerves in such away as to make you think your dying, even for weeks on end.  And this feeling feeds the anxiety.  Bad cycle and you need to break it.  Could be hormones, could be who to live with, job, etc.  Most likely your not in an environment that loves or respects you.  If this is the case, work hard to find people who do care.

Best thing you can do to diagnose yourself is to buy a good $100 blood pressure unit, like Omron.  Take it every hour or two, not what you were doing, what you ate, what upset you, and keep it in a diary.  Dont miss a day.  Soon you will have the answer to your concern, and likely will improve your life in fast order.  And hopefully can avoid dangerous drugs.  But to keep in touch with a good family doctor.
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Not sure if this will help, but I had these symptoms once & I found out that I was low on potassium.  I was pretty much borderline, but I found that taking potassium supplements helped.  Here are some symptoms of hypokalemia according to a website:
Patient may experience problems such as Myalgia and muscular weakness
Patient may experience hyponatremia and also may experience confused i.e. anxiety.
Acne problem
Skin related problems such as blistering, skin eruptions, dryness of skin etc.
Temporary memory loss or problems such as weak memory etc.
Patient is prone to heart related problems, such as heart deterioration.
Digestive system also may get affected due to potassium deficiency leading to hypertension, improper sleep, nervous system deterioration, depression, constipation etc.
In some cases patient may experience ringing/noise in ear.
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I have been experiencing random symptoms for more then 5yrs.now.I have seen numerous doctors and had numerous testing.For about two weeks now I have been dealing with extreme pain in my neck,left shoulder,arm and fingers.I can't feal three of my fingers.The Dr.did an xray and said my discs are herniated,when I went for my mri yesterday my arm started burning like I was injected with acid,it burned so bad I freaked out and stopped the test.Does have an idea why that could of happened?
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I went to McDonald and bought coffee this evening with 2 cream, 3 sugars. I consumed half of the small. As I entered house, my nose got dryness, and slightly right side of the top middle of my head  had sharp pinch as if I am having a sign of cold. I took about 300ml water. As I went to wash my hand, and lifted arms to apply soap, I had a slight chest pain, and I put my arms little below, and chest pain did not repeat. A few minutes later, I cut an apple, and shared with a friend who was around me. As I went to give him a half, then my left hand and left leg have slight weakness or numbness for about 30 seconds. Then, everything is gone. I got scared of this situation. Then, typed a few keyword, and got "green pixie" comment on coffee. I realized that it could be coffee because I have taken too much coffee from different sources at office, at meeting, and at McDonald. The cream and caffeine might cause a spike into problem. I am going to give up as she suggested. Thank you.
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Look up hemiplegic migraine. That's what they think I have and it sounds so similar to your symptoms.
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