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Left side chest pain

I am 42 year old male.I have been having left side chest pains ,sometimes it intensifies after eating. I take 80 mg a day of protonix for acid reflux. But the pain still comes. It is more under the nipple to left side of my chest and left arm sometimes. I also get pain in my back sort of between shoulder blades when it is really bad. I have had ekg, reads normal ,BP 123/87 no shortness of breath. My cholesterol levels, bad cholesterol was below slightly do not remember exact number. Good cholesterol was slightly higher than normal but was told that helps to fight coronery disease.I do not have insurance and both my wife and I recently lost our jobs. Doctor wanted me to have a stress test but found out cost is 6,000 dollars and I can not pay for it on 174 dollars aweek un employment. But any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ken
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hey ken, not to long ago i suffered from the same symptoms, i had test after test done and nothing showed. they thought it must have been my heart cause it was my chest and then sometimes my back like you but nothing was ever wrong with my tests.. on christmas last year i had a real bad attack and it was normally after i ate and nothing made it better. luckily there was a doctor who was there that holiday, a family friend and he called 911. he told me when i got to the er to request a ultrasound. he said he thought there were gallstones. and thsat night there were unable to do one so i made an apt with my dr and told them i wanted an ultrasound done. needless to say it was gallstones and i was having sever gallstone attacks for over a year. in april i got my gallbladder removes and havent had any problems since. i am not sure if that it was you have but its exactly what mine was, same symptoms so why not ask for an ultrasound and see what happens! good luck! i know how painful mine was and i hope this helps! good luck!  sorry just remembered u have no insurance, now that u lost ur job why not sign up for free healthcare, you should be able to get some type of free healthcare from where you are living, and in the mean time stay away from anything spicy, macaroni and sauce, pizza anything like that. i suggest looking up gallbladder read about it and get a list of foods to stay away from, see what happens when you cut those things from your diet, foods are the number one trigger for gallstone attacks! hope this was helpful!
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As a thumb rule any left sided chest pain is cardiac apin unless proved otherwise. Although your EKG and cholesterol levels have come out normal, so it is relaxing that chest pain is less likely due to cardiac pain. To complete rule out any cardiac cause, ECHo should be done. The other possibility is of acid reflux which can mimic a heart condition, Try raising the head of your bed about four inches with blocks. It also might help to avoid eating or drinking for two hours before you lie down. To help control the stomach acid, one should not drink alcohol or drinks with caffeine in them, or eat chocolate or spicy or greasy foods .

Take some OTC antacid like Mylanta. If the symptoms persist then you may need other medications. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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