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Leukemia ??

So, I have been getting the run-around for nearly 3 years now.
I am 39 years old. Complete hysterectomy 14 years ago. No estrogen therapy as I have fibrous breast tissue.
My recent blood work platelets 559,000 wbc 13.9 and have a swollen lymph node. I am consistently tired and achy as if I have a chronic flu. Low grade fever that comes and goes and extreme nausea (taking Zofran, Maxeran & gravol for this).
I also have tiny red pin sized spots all over my body. They are not itchy, or raised, but more appear all the time. (They look similar to beauty spots/freckles but are red)
I tested positive for H.Pylori back in Novemeber, but as my alergies prevent any antibiotic treatment, I could only take Tecta & Pepto Bismol for treatment.
I have a gastroscopy consult this month.
Any suggestions as to the cause and treatments or exams to pursue would be greatly appreciated.
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Forgot to mention a few symptoms that may or may not be related:
Tiny pink spots everywhere, random edema in my ankles, both thumbnails have 2 vertical ridges, stiffness in my right hand fingers, back spasms that feel like heartburn making it difficult to breath.
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These were my numbers as of August 9, 2013.

Platelets 591
WBC 13.1
Neutrophils 13.6

Bone marrow biopsy negative for leukemia. Tomorrow I get results of ANA, and recent CBC. Hematologist now suspects autoimmune.
I have fibromyalgia as well as IBS, but symptoms of both are much greater than they've ever been lately.
Any suggestion as to the cause?
(F 39yrs complete hysterectomy post third baby.)
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Well, it isn't fun getting those tests but it should be done. It may just be polycythemia. But let me know what happens. I'll keep positive thoughts.
Your  platelets are still high but your WBC count looks only slightly high as if you had a bacterial infection. The neutrophils are borderline high.
take care,
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One more thing...
Last weeks bloodwork numbers:
490 platelets
13.2 white blood cells
10.0 neutrophils
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Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy scheduled for the 29th of August. The new hematologist, whom I adore already, also tested me for the Philadelphia gene as well as for CML. Awaiting the results until biopsy date.
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Just got back from vacation. Sorry to hear about your gall bladder problems. I think the polymorphonuclear leukocytes or PMN's usually go up with infection. And, they can go up with the same problems we talked about earlier. They are a particular type of white blood cell that usually are seen with infection and so forth, but may be going up as things are progressing. I hope the new hematologist gets the ball rolling and gets you into treatment ASAP. Let me know how it goes.
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