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Levaquin Long term Side effects

I was reading about numbness and tingling in hands and feet and you make several references to long term side effects from quinolones. What do you reccomend in lieu of these antibiotics? I have recently (today) been prescribed Levaquin..Originally prescribed Keflex, but I had an allergy to amoxicillin 1 year ago--1 hive and some facial swelling--post dental surgery.At that time, I was put on prednisone and amoxicillin post an extraction--per the oral surgeon -"it was routine". I am otherwise healthy. I have an infected hair follicle and Doc ordered Keflex--however 2% risk of cross allergy (amoxicillin) so he just called to say he was switching it to Levaquin.I just read some of your comments about Levaquin and now I am concerned. What to do??
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I was on it for roughly 8 weeks(surgical infection) and the only side effect i had was pityriasis rosacea(sp)it's a rash from extended antibiotic use.
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Please type in levaquin and see what comes up .  I had an adverse reaction to it 18 months ago.  Now I can hardly walk, I have horrrible nightmares, anxiety, tinnitus 24/7 and some hearing loss.  I also have tendon problems.  It ruined my life.  Try www.fqvictim.org or www.fqresearch.org
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I just finished Levaquin--11 days--no problems.  Have you started taking it yet?
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I finished a dose of Levaquin, 10 days, and had no problems.  But, like yourself, I was nervous about the side effects I read online.  Best suggestion???  Stay off the computer, and call your doctor or pharmacist.  They can answer your questions in person, and cater them specifically to your needs.  With every medication, you have to weigh out the benefits/risks.  The computer is a great resource, but if I believed everything I read, and that it would happen to me, I could have myself dying by the end of the day!!  Stay informed, but when it concerns your health, get info from your personal Doc.  
My opinion...MH
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My personal doc didn't know about all the side effects of levaquin.  He also didn't know that you are not supposed to mix nsaids with levaquin.  My pharmacy didn't warn me about the drug interaction.  I will never trust anyone again.  I will get on the computer and look at the prescribing information from the manufacturer before ever trusting anyone and putting these chemicals into my body.
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I agree that you need to read prescribing info, but all of that info should come with your prescription.  If it doesn't you need to ask your pharmacist for an information sheet on the drug.  They are required by law to give it to you.
My only comment about the internet is that you can get overly alarmed by reading some of the info on here.  Every case is not like yours.  Knowledge is power, but make sure your knowledge comes from the right place.
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I took Levaquin on 6/8-6/13/06 for sinus infection and had bad adverse reaction.  Still have all same symtoms you mentioned, so weak can hardly walk, dizzy, severe chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, headache, tendon pain, severe carpal tunnel pain in left arm.  I called the pharmacist when the symptoms started and he said to keep taking the Levaquin!  Fortunately, I new better than to listen to him due to my symptoms and looking them up online.  I went to the doctor the next day and he only gave me prednisone.  Neither pharmacist nor doctor said anything about drug interaction of levaquin with Celebrex or prednisone.  I have been in bed most of the time since this all started and am trying to find an internist who is experienced and knowledgeable in clinical pharmacology.  I have an appt on monday with an internist's physician's assistant.  Have you considered suing the drug company who makes levaquin?  Have you found an attorney? I am looking for one now.  If I have sustained permanent damage I will definitely file a suit against the drug company and maybe even my doctor and my pharmacy!  This has ruined my life right now.  The day before I took this horrible drug I was landscaping my yard, moving rocks, shoveling dirt, planting, etc.  Now I can barely hold the telephone and had to take double amount of pain killers until I can see a doctor on Monday!  Very concerned about my future and anyone else who has experienced an adverse reaction to levaquin.
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I'm sorry this happened to you too.  I can't believe that 10 pills could ruin my life like this.  Did the monograph you got with the levaquin say anything about a drug interaction?  Well, mine didn't and I have the monograph that they gave me.  I have talked to 5 lawyers so far and they still say I don't have enough.  I'm so frustrated but I'm not giving up.  Someone has to pay for what happened to me.  Suing the drug company is hard because they list all the side effects and drug interactions to cover their you-know-what!  I'm gathering information abou the drug interaction and will present it to the next lawyer.   This time I'm speaking to toxicologists.
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Please let me know what you find out.  I took Levaquin in 2004 for about 10 days and my Doc prescribed it with Motrin.  I have bad dizzy spells and get spells all the time where I can not walk.  I wake up with night sweats and spinning room sensations and I was perfectly fine before I took this.  I am afraid I have been permanently damaged.  I also get ringing in the ears and balance is terrible.  I am not one to complain unless something is seriously wrong but, I sure do now.
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Hello all I also took Levaquin post Teeth Removal Surgery. The day before i took this drug i was fine. i had my own business and business was good. Now I can barely walk I am tired all the time Weak Fatigue Muscle and Joint Pain all the time. I have severe Migraines Nightmares I feel like I am 80 years old and I am only 35. The Dr's have Diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and Lupus. I do not think that is what is wrong with me though. I was fine and active until I took this medication. when i took It I got a severe Red Burn all over my body and inside my mouth. My throat started closing up i had hallucinations and was very confused I did not even know my name. I was in so much pain from the Red Burn all over my body Morphine did not take the pain away. I also have High Blood Pressure now where i never had it before. The worst part is i have been in bed since November 2006 when i took this drug. i am sick and tired of being sick and tired and in Pain. These drug companies need to be more aware before they put these meds out for us to take. We are not there Guinea Pigs. I am so mad. i was married in May 2006 and because of this medicine I am on the verge of losing my marriage. This is not right and we should all do something about it. Right now the only Lawsuits they have is for people that have suffered Tendon Damage and even though I feel that is bad what about us the ones with really bad long term effects from this medication? This has ruined my life. They should be made accountable for it. Please anyone suffering from my problems as well please comment to me I need to know i am not alone in this battle. Thank You and God Bless Heaher
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i had kidney surgery in 2002, because of severe infection i was given levaquin, and when my infection did not cure, i was left on the levaquin every day for over a year!  until i went to another doctor who panicked when finding this out , took me off immediently!  i have never gotten well since then, just worse, with horrible symptons which they are telling me i have fibromyalgia!! as others ive read about , i do not believe this, i am basically bed ridden at this point now. if you have any advise that might help me please let me know, thank you and God bless!!  kelly
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Hello all, I severed my Achilles in Aug 2007 in a sporting accident.  I underwent surgery in Sept to repair it, after the swelling and bleeding decreased, approx 5 weeks after surgery (Nov) I contracted a severe staph infection. My Orthopedic Surgeon called an infectious disease specialist (IDS) who recommended that I be placed on 500 mg of levaquin per day. The next week I visited the IDS who upped my dosage to 750 mg per day through the end of Dec. During the month of Dec I visited the IDS twice and complained that I did not feel well but it was chalked up to the fact that I had the severe infection. He offered many treatments to my symptoms but stated that my leg was in jeapordy and if they did not eliminate the staph infection that my leg could be compromised. Having said this I continued on the medication through Feb 2008 until my boyfriend just convinced me to stop taking fearing that it was what was not only preventing my Achilles from healing further but also deteriorating my health.  Finally in March 2008 the IDS cleared me to stop taking the Levaquin (not knowing that I had already stopped) and asked that I follow up with my OS for post op and phyical therapy.  Well this is where the story gets crazy.  As I am following up with my OS I complain to him about sharp pains in my elbow and other joints and he said it was from limited activity.  Again I took him at his word but he still could not expalin why my Achilleds was healing soooo slowly.  He stated, "You are a slow healer!"  I said that had never been the case before now but nothing else about this experience had been typical so why should my healing be any different? I started physical theraphy and continued for the next few months but in the meantime my health started to deteriorate. I felt sick quite a bit and tired most of the time and I knew something was not right with my body. I had numbness and tingling in my limbs but thought it was normal.  I saw my GYN for my yearly pap and although everything looked good gynecologically, he told me that my glands were swollen and that my blood pressure was extremely high. He suggested that I have an HIV test and asked that I get an appt with my regular physician to address the high BP.  I did all that he suggested and my HIV status was negative which I knew it would be and my regular doctor prescribed blood pressure meds for me and sent me home. At that time he stated his only concerns were my BP and the fact that my kidney function was elevated.  He then stated that he would monitor these things over the next couple months.  Approx 2 months later Sept 2008 I started having severe acid indigestion, abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, loose stools.  After a few days of taking over the counter meds I noticed that my symptons were not subsiding and went back to the doctor.  He then gave me meds for those symptoms and sent me to have my gall bladder checked but that test came back neg.  The following week I had another intestinal attack and he had my appendix checked, another neg test.  By the end of that week he was stomped and subsequently sent me to a GI specialist.  The GI specialist ran a series of test on me including an Endoscopy one week, stool speciman the following week and later that week a CAT scan of my internal organs. At this point my stomach was swollen as if I were 5 months pregnant.  All the specimans came back negative but during the Endoscopy he noticed that my stomach was severly inflamed and that something appeared to be pressing it.  He then got the result of my CAT scan and realized that my liver was abnormally enlarged so much so that he thought I was an alcoholic.  I told him that I rarely drink.  He looked shocked, concerned, alarmed and stomped all at once.  He then asked me if anyone has ever told me that my kidney function was elevated and I said yes, but thought it was normal. He said your pancreatic enzymes are high and this causes serious concern for me.  He asked if I had been on any antibiotic and I stated yes Levaquin.  He then asked if I was still taking it and of course I said no.  He said I think this is the root cause of your problem but I am not certain.  He stated that we would need to have my liver checked but in the mean time he gave me a probiotic to try and reverse as well as replenish the good bacteria back into my digestive trac as the Levaquin had cleary depleted it all.  That was 2 weeks ago and over a year since I initially took this kill pill and nothing has helped.  I feel as though I am dying a slow death and no one can help me.  I did phone Ortho-McNeil the makers of this kill pill seeking help and to file a complaint as well as get information on statistics, mortality rates of others with these long term side effects  etc but no one has called me back. I am begging if anyone finds any relief and or help please keep me posted and I will do the same!   AT from Atlanta
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I was admitted to the ER 6-7 years ago with a suspected UTI. Before the lab results came back, I was given an IV of Levaquin. I did not know what was being given to me. Almost immediately, I felt nauseous, almost to the point of blacking out. I felt if I didn't stop this drug I was going to suffocate. I asked the triage nurse to please remove the IV. She said no. I said if she didn't, I would pull it out, that's how scary this was. I also begged her to get my husband in the waiting room. I was becoming weaker and weaker. With my foot, I managed to inch it over to the tray attached near the bed. I gave it all the strength I could muster and knocked off the metal items on it. Staff came running when they heard the noise. She then removed the IV. Lab tests came back to confirm the UTI. I was sent home with a Rx. Took it for about 10 days during which time my leg muscles ached and it was becoming difficult to walk normally. My legs were stiff as boards.  I called a Dr. friend and told him how I was feeling. He asked what meds I was taking. When he heard Levaquin, he said to get it off of it immediately. I was suffering an allergic (or now known as normal) reaction to Levaquin. He called the ER for me and found that it was Levaquin in the IV I was given.
         Sorry for the long story, but the bottom line is I still have horrible leg and joint pain. I have been to Ortopaedic MD's who belive it must be a pinched nerve, been taken off certain cholesterol lowering meds, etc. All to no avail. The pain never goes away. It is like having a 24/7 flu in my legs. I do not know what recourse I have. It has become very depressing. This drug is a menace. For many of us to have life-long side effects is a crime. If anyone ever comes up with some sort of relief or antidote, please share with the rest of us. Thank you.
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I too was prescribed levaquin about a year ago. 7 days supply of 750mg's. My legs are always stiff. My feet and anckles always hurt. My knee tendons were injured in the past but now they hurt all the time. I try to do exercises to relieve the pain but nothing seems to help. If I rest for a few minutes as soon as I get up my legs are tight again. Not just tight but painful.  When I lay down at night I get pulsing pain in my legs. Always have to move my legs to a different position which only helps for a couple minutes. In the morning my pain seems to be better but as soon as I get up all the leg stiffness and ankle and feet pains return.. I contacted a lawyer but it seems that you have to have a torn tendon to have one want to help.  If anyone knows of a lawyer that addresses and will do a class action  for symptoms thats what we need at this time since it seems there is no cure. Levaquin was blackboxed in July of 08 so anyone that took it before that date could have recoarse if the injurys are bad enough.  My orthopedic surgeon told they can do tests to see if there is tendon damage. But still no way to cure it. Only surgurys to replace the problem area if they get bad enough. Who would of thought the FDA would of allowed such poison  to be put on the market. But then again the FDA has got alot of stuff wrong. They really should be put out of business and a system needs a totally unbiased firm to be accountable for thier actions.
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Im not sure if Levaquin did this to me but I have to share and if anyone has same thing happen to them let me know. I went to the ER for Right lower abdomen pain and they took a cat scan and told me I had diverticulitis and gave me flagyl and levaquin. The levaquin was for 7 days I started taking both and I got severe diahrea. Everything I ate comes out asap.....well Ive been off it for 7 days and I still have diahrea and still everything I eat comes out asap Ive lost about 5 pounds since then and now I am afraid to eat cause Ill end up in the toilet anyway...Pam
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Levaquin is a very "punishing" drug. I was on it and I vowed "never again".

The muscle pain, body aches and tendon pain were severe, disabling, and lasted for months.

A colleague of mine also recieved Levaquin at the same time. Exactly the same symptoms. He couldn't work for six weeks.

Apparently the drug affects different populations in different ways.

The answer to is medical problems  is not to "stay off the computer and  to "ask your pharmacist" or "physician".

The answer is to research on the internet, circa 2009.

And research databases, such as MEDLINE.
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I have been on levaquin for 1 month for recurring bladder problems. 250 ml. and have had no problems.  But after reading all the these comments, I'm scared!  I am taking probiotics along with it.  It is scarey but all you can do is do your own research.
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There are people who take this drug with no apparent side effects. This was not the case with me. I suspect there is a genetic co-factor, as yet undetermined. The muscle pain and aches were very real, as was the tendon pain.

I experienced no reaction to Cipro.
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i have been prescribed levaqiun for a staff infection, sense then i have more problems now it seems like then when i had it . yes the med did help the staff but now i cant even eat or drink my tonge burns constantly my muscles are so weak i cant even sleep i toss and turn all the time. please someone tell me this wont last forever im tired of feeling bad all the time.

                                                     thank you for reading about my problem this med brought on me!     im really sorry if this happen to you too! MY PRAYERS ARE WITH EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU
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I took 2 weeks of Levaquin in February of 2009 for a sinus infection.  I did not have any immediate reaction to the drug.  Since that time I have had continuing problems with muscle pain and weakness in both legs especially the knees.  The intensity of the leg pain is more severe than what I experienced when taking Lipitor.  I have found some relief from applying a heat wrap to my knees at night.  I also hope and pray this will not last forever.
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I took 750 mg of Levaquin for 5 days for a respiratory infection and have been sick ever since.  I have pain 24/7.  I advise everyone to tell everyone they know to refuse this drug.

I have MS and I was making progress prior to taking this medication.  I feel as though I have taken 20 steps back since I took this medication.

I have read that it can cause brain damage.  My MS is concentrated in my brain, long term what should I expect.

The drug maker of this medication knew the problems going back to 1997, it took a public watch group to threaten the FDA to deliver this med with what they call a black box, information on side effects.  This happened last summer.  And in small towns, like my area my doctor did not know of these problems.  

People beware!
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I had an upper respiratory infection and previously took two other antibiotics and when they were finished the infection was back.  Then I was prescribed Levaquin.  After the second pill I started having terrible pains and 5 lb. gain in weight overnight.  I thought it was my fibromyalgia acting up, even though I am on Savella and have found it to be very effective.  I stopped taking it after the 6th pill.  That was 2-1/2 weeks ago.  I am still getting pains all over my body, weakness from my neck to my lower back, redness of the face, tinnitus, blurry vision on occasion, Achilles tendon pain when walking without shoes, pain in my arms and numbness in arms and hands.  I'm sure there's more, but can't think of it at this point.  Whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE THE RISK.  I would give $1,000 to go back and never have taken this killer drug in the first place.  My life isn't the same and I can't do a thing.  I sit in my recliner most of the time and can't even get a good night's sleep.  Two days ago I was screaming  the "jolts" of pain all over my body.  I just hope this stops.  I already have enough issues and didn't need to be crippled besides.  BEWARE IS RIGHT!!!
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Why would any specialist give this drug to someone like me who has a liver disorder and multiple sclerosis.  I am amazed.

I took this in july of 2009, and my condition continues to spiral downward.  
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Since I took this drug my condition has deteriorated.  I am scheduled for gallbladder removal on Friday and a liver biopsy.  

I will see my neuro tomorrow.  This is such a dangerous drug it must be recalled immediately.  

I also have tendonitis in my left knee.  I saw this doc on July 8th, my birthday.  I had recently had a complete check up so I had up to date medical information.

This doctor should have known not to prescribe this medication to someone with my medical history.  

Does anyone have any info on this drug and how it could affect the gallbladder.  I have never had these symptoms and I am flying solo and need any and all info.  

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