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Life-long problem

Ever since I was a child I've always had a problem with eating. Every time i eat I get sick. My mother said when I was a baby I couldn't keep formulas down and she started adding rice to them and it helped. As Ive gotten older most the time no matter what I eat I have to run to the bathroom sometimes not even 30 minutes later with diarrhea. I might go a few days with out an upset, but the break are rare. I usually have diarrhea up to 6 or so times a day. I have my thyroid checked and been through scopes and the doctors have no clue. I'm getting tired of test but would like to know whats wrong with me. I get cramping with it, sometimes the sweats if its a bad episode. It can take me 30 minutes to feel better or hours. Any ideas or suggestions for me to look into? Also other symptoms that I have is weight gain, its extremly hard for me to lose weight and I've never really been a big eater. I don't eat constantly all day but I can;t seem to keep the weight off even though to me it seems I poop everything out!! HELP!
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I heard people who have colitis have similar experiences with diarrhea, but I don't know that much about it. Have you been checked for celiac disease? I guess your doctor would know.
I have fatigue and steady weight gain from eating wheat/gluten, dairy and excess sugar (refined sugar), and I hear food intolerance (as opposed to food allergy) can affect people differently, with a variety of intolerable symptoms. One way to look into it, if you think it might or could possibly be the culprit, is the elimination diet. Or, if you have any questions on that, on keeping or trying a wheat/gluten, dairy-free diet with less sugar, especially refined sugar, feel free to contact me or check my previous posts on the topic. Also, the Self Healing Cookbook by Kristin Turner is very good. I heard blood tests for food intolerance are good, but not all doctors do them.

I took a food intolerance test and tested with a mild sensitivity to wheat and dairy, but it really makes me sick in so many ways, and I crave it when I don't have it . . . at least until I get used to a diet without it.
I took a food intolerance test under one doctor's supervision some years ago, but I don't live near her anymore - she was a holistic MD who took regular insurance, but a lot of doctors don't know about food intolerances. So I am looking into on my own. Most people just use a type of elimination diet and figure out what they can't eat. I haven't tried the "Elimination Diet" but just eliminated some foods to realize they helped.

I am thinking of taking a food intolerance test from this company:
If you click on Online Store, then on
Weight/Metabolic Management Program "Click for info", there is some interesting info on the theories of food intolerance and weight gain.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on anything I said.

Best regards,
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The excerpt below is from Dr Habba's website.

"No IBS theory

In a study recently published in Medical Hypotheses (in press 2010), Dr. Habba analyzed 575 patients presenting with previously diagnosed diarrhea predominant IBS (IBS-D). 303 patients completed all the testing and follow up necessary to be included in the results. The study concluded that 98% of these patients had conditions other than the previous diagnosis of IBS. When these conditions were identified and appropriately treated, 98% of them improved as assessed by fewer than three bowel movements per day. Habba Syndrome constituted 41% of the patients studied, post-cholecystectomy diarrhea 23%, lactose intolerance 8%, microscopic/lymphocytic colitis 7%, celiac disease 4% and several other specific conditions comprised the balance. This result is very encouraging and is in contrast with the results presently achieved by treating “IBS”. Physicians frequently fall short of “getting to the bottom” of the problem by tagging patients with “IBS”, a vague entity that merely describes their symptoms and usually results in a poor therapeutic outcome."

These findings lead to the theory concluding that there is no IBS-D. Patients need to be evaluated thoroughly until a true clinical entity is found and treated."
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Really odd!! You think you would be losing weight rather then gaining, at first I was going to say you may be allergic to a little or a lot of foods, its possible heard stories on it. But gaining weight is weird so whatever it is, its something more that is hidden inside you and you should search and search till you find a doctor who will get to the bottom of it and not brush it off. By the way anything I said was just a guess/thoughts etc.... Keep in mind only doctors can diagnose you or treat you. Good Luck!
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Get tested for gluten intolerance or celiac disease.  It may be an allergy to gluten which is in anything that has wheat.  I am gluten intolerant and so are my daughter and son.  My daughter had the same problem as you and could not stop going to the bathroom after she ate (either wheat or dairy).  Within 24 hours of not eating gluten or dairy she was a different person.  Be careful with the wheat as it is 'hidden' in all kinds of processed foods.  Good luck!
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One of the thyroid conditions causes unexplained weight gain.  You might ask yout doctor if it's worth testing for unusual thyroid conditions.
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being celiac or gluten intolerant could make you gain weight because your body is not able to handle the gluten. Some celiacs gain weight and others lose weight.  My children are both gluten intolerant, yet one loses weight and the other gains if they eat gluten.
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