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Light headed

I am a 23 year old female who has been experiencing a strange problem for several years now. I become incredibly tired, weak, and light headed after I blow dry my hair. Sometimes I faint. It does not matter whether I have eaten or drunk anything, whether I have gotten enough sleep, or whether I have worked out; this still happens to me. I have been experiencing this more and more frequently. I have not been to the doctor; my insurance isn't very good, and I don't know if it's serious enough. I know that my blood pressure is naturally 105/60; is it possible that it could just be dropping for some reason?

Thank you for any suggestions!
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Just a thought ... do you blow dry your hair upside down? Rising quickly from being bent over can cause this, especially with low BP.

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Minus the fainting, you are discribing what my 11 yr old daughter has been discribing to me.  I will be taking her to her doctor for this and will be happy to share her findings with you when they come.
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you have low blood pressure.   That is ok, if it is normal for you, just makes you feel dizzy and weak sometimes...   mine is 97/50    it is considered low, however doctor says nothing to worry about because it has always been that way. my daughter's is the same.  he tells me to eat more salt lol
just be aware of it when drying hair, getting out of bed, standing up suddenly.
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