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Lightheaded/Dizziness without a solution

Here is my long story over the course of the past two years. In 2020 I had a seizure due to a medication mixup (I do have epilepsy which is under control other than this one occurrence) shortly afterwards to stared to have lightheaded spells occasionally. It’s not a room spinning dizziness but more of a I stood up too fast sensation. Since then I have done multiple tests and treatments that have not been able to solve the problem. I started with a 72 hour eeg that found no seizure activity during these spells. Next was to check my medicine levels to make sure they were okay in my system and everything normal. After that a holtor monitor for 24 hours and everything came back normal on the cardio side of things. Next a vertigo specialist did diagnose me with Bbpv and treated me for a year and although at times the spells have been better than others they say at my age and health (28) I should be okay by now. So I got a ct scan to make sure there was not a hole or thinning of the bones in my ears where crystals were escaping, that all checked out okay. After that I went to physical therapy for about a month and received different treatments and exercises for my visual system which have not worked. Lastly I saw a migraine specialist who said they do not think I have vestibular migraines. At this point I am desperate and at a loss of what to do. Over the past month it has probably been worse than it has ever been after it being at a live able level for awhile. If anyone has any ideas I would be deeply appreciative.
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