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Lightheaded Most of the Time

I'm a 31yr old male non smoker non drinker in Florida, overweight (5'6 215lb), but otherwise no history of disease. I have been lightheaded on and off for the past 6 months. Not dizzy or spinning per say, its more like I have balance issues or fatigue or something. Seems to affect me mostly when I am walking around. Doesn't usually bother me when sitting or driving. But I really notice it when doing things that involve a lot of walking (like shopping). Docs think its all anxiety related, tried Ativan which made me feel better about the situation, but I still felt the lightheadedness. I also seem to have a ton of gas (burping), not sure if its related.

I have had a lot of tests including eyes (normal), glucose tolerance (normal), bp (mild pre hypertensive, slightly rapid heartbeat), blood (elevated cholesterol, TSH 1.26), lung xray (normal), allergist (mold, dust, and elm, no asthma), head mri (normal), ekg 2x (normal), non stress echocardio (normal), gastro endoscopy (mild acid reflux), and sleep study (some apnea, waiting for details), vertigo tilt test (normal).

I don't think the problem is anxiety, I have very low stress in my life (much less than I have had years ago). I'm thinking I should see a Neurologist, from what I have read they deal in balance and dizzyness issues. Any other thoughts? Thanks!
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Hi there. I was lightheaded due to pvc's or palpitaions.  Also caffeine would precipitate this and the symptoms.
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Thank you for the advice, I'm wondering why my primary care physician didnt recommend anything similar (probably because most people don't want to hear that). I am going to try to lose the weight. I still feel like something else is the cause (not sure why) I have been this weight for probably 4 years now, so it seems odd that it would just come out of the blue. For a while I actually thought it was diet beverages that were doing it to me as I had cut out all regular soda not too much before my problem started (though I tried cutting the diet drinks out and didnt feel any better).

Do you think seeing a neurologist would be a waste of money / effort?
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I have a similar lightheaded feeling.

When I went to see a neurologist, it was suggested that I get MRI and EEG tests done.  Both of these were inconclusive.  My followup appointment is this Thursday, so I am interested to hear what he suggests for me now.

During my last visit the doctor suggested more excersize to me, but it didn't seem to give me any relief.  I am interested in hearing your progress with these symptoms since I am going through the same thing.
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Ive been light headed too  , it started after last years (04) hurricanes,  im not sure whats causing it, im not falling all over the place or anything but  I do have that light headed feeling on and off, it comes and goes, the Doc thinks its anxiety
and it could well be, but I cant seem to shake it off  I take Generic Paxil ,it helps a bit  but I still get light headed . strangely, I can relax at home and  while driving and not feel a thing ? but when it happens I get a "weak" feeling in my legs too. im on Diovan BP pills - but have only been on them 4 months.  it usually kicks off when im looking at the PC screen (which I spend all day doing)  I do have reading glasses too but sometimes they hurt my eyes.
Im stumped !
im not in the best shape (6'1-300 lbs)  I have started to excersize now tho.and everytime it happens I usually get a crik in my neck (which the doc also said was stress).
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I've had attacks of dizziness while I slept., also in different positions, after visiting a ear specialist, I found out I had positional vertigo. They ran tests on me and even proclaimed I was 95% cured after trying to straighten it out by performing a tast that would reposition by csytals in my inter ear. it didn't work two weeks later it was back and I walk around lightheaded
and afraid of sleeping at night that the dizziness will appear.
I could be just laying on my back and it feels as the dizziness wants to return, it's like it go's to be dizzy and it stops. has anyone had this problem I think it's more than any inner ear problem, ???????
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Check this out- it might help?
Meniere's Disease is the term given to the condition having the following four symptoms, after thorough testing has determined no other cause:

Fluctuating (episodic) hearing loss.

Fluctuating (episodic) rotational vertigo (a form of dizziness).

Fluctuating (episodic) tinnitus (a sound heard when there is no sound).

Fluctuating (episodic) aural fullness (a sense of pressure in the middle ear, as if descending in an airplane; however, it is *not* actual pressure in the middle ear).

I dont think its me  but it might help someone
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Thank-you but I don't have all the symptoms, just the feeling I'm losing control of my balance and diziness on and off. sleeping at night is worst because I can't position my head any way except straight.
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you have the opposite to me,   when Im lying in bed or sitting watching TV im fine.
I wake up fine too, the light headedness starts after about 15 minutes of me getting out of bed.

I have constant ringing in the ears , but then again Ive always had it from as far back as I can remember  even in my teens (Im 48).

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I have the dizziness and the lightheadedness during the day also , I can't look up or turn my head to either side without it feeling like I'm losing my balance. No ringing in my ear. I'm 56 years old. It's ready driving me nuts. after christmas I'm going to see if I can get help from a different doctor. sometime I wonder if it isn't the top of my spine.
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well check this out went and seen all types of specialists and i hav all symptoms you have but i also have fainting spells wich the last one ended at work and i had a panic attack with it they still cant find anything wrong but they wont give me an mri because they dont think it has anything to do with my head but to get tests done where im at it takes months before you can see someone and what if im in my car or down the stairs iv been fighting with doctors and specialits and no one knows what is wrong with me but even my family doctor is sick of me complaining that she told me to go to the emergency and wait for an mri there. did it and they let me go on account that i seen a specialist for my head and they dont want to step on anyones toes and the second time was it was closed well im sick of not getting any answers arnt you? they just dont know what it is so they will let you go on and erupt my life and they people around me
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I too have been expericing lightheaded for 3 years now and no one seems to know why. All tests and brain scan show everything is normal. I'll be going to Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist in the next few weeks. Hopefully, she can determine what is wrong. My worst times are when I wake up. I can only sleep on my right side because of herniated disk in neck and pinched nerve. Doctor thinks I just need more exercise and I am currently taking Alprazolam for anxiety (doctor thinks I my just be under too much stress. Once I take the medication, I'm ok for a while but this medication is also used for ringing in the ear (which I have in my left ear and sometimes humming in my right ear). I can not drive long hours or set for long times at a computer without getting lightheaded.
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I just came across this sight.I have been having lightheaded feelings for about 3 yrs. on and off...I hate it. I felt like I was right on the verge recently of having a panic attack because of it.I recently had an mri,eye examination, ekg and I'm waiting for the mri results now. But reading the comments I not holding my breath.I feel like fluerescent lights in stores,computer screens, driving make it worse for me. Ringing in ears.  Its like I'm getting a mild headrush with a balance problem but it last all day ! Its like I smoked a ciggarette too fast but doesn't go away for a few days ?
35 yrs. I'm 5'10 150 lbs.
I don't know exactly why I'm writing other than at least I don't feel like I'm the only person in the world going through this !

It's hard to explain to friends and family,I try to ignore it but days are just too much,it makes me think about death,serious illnesses,etc. and after a couple of years of it wears on me mentally. I thought maybe sinuse but have no clue?

Thank you
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Interesting that you think your dizziness stems from the top of your spine. I too am dizzy and lightheaded all day since 2003. I feel sometimes it is the way I sit at my computer and that my neck and shoulder muscles are pinching nerves in the back of my head close to the top of my spoine causing these feelings. and comments?
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ive been lightheaded and dizzy for 5 months now and its got to the point were i just stay in all day.sometimes its the spinning feeling other times its the feeling im going to pass out. im very depressed now as i have 2 kids that i cant do nothink with. doc says its just vertigo and anxiety as i do have an anxiety problem and suffer from panic attacks
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oh and its worse when i move my head or get up from sitting down even when i get up slowly. anyone have any advice?

p.s great site
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Hi all,

I am a 23yr old male from the UK and have been feeling light-headed since Dec 06

Before i started to feel bad, i was a regular at the gym and exercised at least 3times a day. One day i stood up and felt really dizzy. Since that day i have never felt the same.

I have been to see a heart specialist (referred by my doctor) they gave me all sorts of tests but everything come back normal. I was then told to see a neurologist who said he thought i had a inner ear infection and that my anxiety was prolonging the condition. Since the app i have still been feeling bad and have now been referred to an ent (ear,nose,throat) specialist.

It is a constant, everyday sensation of unsteadiness. When i sit @my desk i cant concentrate properly and when i stand for a long time i also feel unbalanced.

Going from being so healthy to feeling like this is really hard. Any suggestions?

Thank you
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     I was cutting hair in a barber shop 15 years ago, and suddenly felt like I was going to faint.  I staggered, and had to go sit down.  I've been dizzy off and on ever since.  I had all kinds of tests, and finally went to a neurologist.  After MRI's, EEG's, spinal taps, etc., he told me it was "probable" that I had MS. (Multiple Sclerosis).  As scary as that sounds, it was better than some of the other "options" like brain or eye tumors, or spinal tumors.  ( I also get weird flashing lights in my eyes that make me dizzy.)  Some of you mentioned fatigue, and that is one of my worst symptoms along with the dizziness.  I'm lucky... my MS is not getting worse, and it is NOT a death sentence.  
     It took years to get a diagnosis for me.  Ask your doctor to test you for MS, it can't hurt, and just knowing what's wrong helped me.
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I have suffered with the condition for 3years now and in the last 2 years it has escelated i have gone to a few doctors and emergency departments but they cant find anythink wrong with me i had my whole body checked and eyes ears and all the other stuff  . but i still havent found a answere and im sick of feeling like this i used to be active as and now its a effort to go and work a solid day i dont seem to have the energy i used to have  and im only 30 years old.
If someone could help me please send me a email thankyou
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I myself for the past 3 years have been feeling lightheaded.  The only thing that happened to me before feeling lightheaded was strained my neck slightly, felt it pull and suffer with shoulder problems ever since and neck pain.  I also get problems with balance daily, especially when I am standing in the same position or walking too much.  I also had a spider bite 3 years ago and wondering maybe the poison effected my balance.....I have been for mri,ent,eyes doctors and no luck on what my problem is.  One mri they have not done on me is on my neck, I have a feeling I may have a herniated disk or pulled ligament/muscle in the neck which causes me to feel imbalanced.  It does effect my life and daily routines, feel exhausted but like someone said its not life threatening just a pain......does anyone else feel like this.  
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I am a 40 y.o female who just started having vertigo/dizzy spells, tiredness, feeling faint/unsteady on my feet and I get vertigo after I sneeze or cough. I'm scared and worried. My blood work comes back tomorrow. I'm also worried; does this affect my sleep? Can some one get dizzy in their sleep?
My dizzy spells started Feb 3rd 08 and are on and off. Some times bad spells, some times no spells at all.
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Dizzyness/lightheadedness can also be caused by a low potassium level.  After going to the ER twice for dizzy spells, they did blood tests on me.  My potassium levels were so low they thought the machine was broken.  My magnesium levels were also low.  If you stand up after lying down and you get this dizzy/lightheaded feeling chances are (according to the doctor I saw) that you are low on potassium.  Fatigue is also a symptom of having such low potassium and magnesium levels.  I had absolutely no energy and literally dragged myself out of bed.  I have since switched to one-a-day vitamins.
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Still dizzy after 20 days
I lost my balance the other day, I was jogging for the train, and before I knew it, I was down on one knee with the room spinning in circles.. I was so upset by this, I was crying.
My cholesterol is high, I have anemia; but I never had problems before. I'm going to a different doctor for a 2nd opinion.
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
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Your problem could simply be sleep apnea...have you done any sleep studies? has anyone told you if you snore? If so, this may be the problem...There is a machine called a CPAP that sleep apnea patients wear at night...and it dramatically helps...
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I finally got Ears, Eyes, Nose/Throat hospital.They ordered a vertigo tilt test and a hearing test. I go on March 29th.
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