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Lightheaded Most of the Time

I'm a 31yr old male non smoker non drinker in Florida, overweight (5'6 215lb), but otherwise no history of disease. I have been lightheaded on and off for the past 6 months. Not dizzy or spinning per say, its more like I have balance issues or fatigue or something. Seems to affect me mostly when I am walking around. Doesn't usually bother me when sitting or driving. But I really notice it when doing things that involve a lot of walking (like shopping). Docs think its all anxiety related, tried Ativan which made me feel better about the situation, but I still felt the lightheadedness. I also seem to have a ton of gas (burping), not sure if its related.

I have had a lot of tests including eyes (normal), glucose tolerance (normal), bp (mild pre hypertensive, slightly rapid heartbeat), blood (elevated cholesterol, TSH 1.26), lung xray (normal), allergist (mold, dust, and elm, no asthma), head mri (normal), ekg 2x (normal), non stress echocardio (normal), gastro endoscopy (mild acid reflux), and sleep study (some apnea, waiting for details), vertigo tilt test (normal).

I don't think the problem is anxiety, I have very low stress in my life (much less than I have had years ago). I'm thinking I should see a Neurologist, from what I have read they deal in balance and dizzyness issues. Any other thoughts? Thanks!
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I too have had all of these symptoms.  I ended up in the ER in early March.  I had been experiencing light headedness and nausea almost all of the time.  It was miserable!  The ER doc seemed to think it was an inner ear disorder and anxiety thrown in there, but I don't buy it, neither does my primary care doctor.  All heart tests and BP tests came back normal, CT san was normal.  I decided to cut out caffeine and see the chiropractor.  When I cut out caffeine and was seeing the chiro once-twice a week all of my symptoms almost completely subsided!  I felt normal again!  Then I had to stop seeing the chiro due to financial issues and 3-4 weeks later all of the symptoms are coming back again.  I am light headed and sick to my stomach and feel unsteady and foggy.  Tired too.  I'm convinced now of how important good chiropractic care is and I'm trying to figure out how to afford to go at least every other week.  I hope this helps some of you.  I know how much this affects daily life.  I have three children and we are very busy.  Feeling faint and sick every day is not an option for me.  I truly do not believe this is anxiety in my case, and as someone who is more homeopathically minded I will avoid anti-anxiety meds at all costs.
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I have the same exact thing... It feels like I am off balance and on uneven ground when i walk. It gets worse when i go shopping. I don't feel it when i sit or drive. You might have vestibular Migraines... I was diagnosed with this 4 months ago. Vestibular Migraine is when you feel more lightheaded/off-balance then the actual migraine. You might also feel pressure or this funny feeling in your head. I've been on a diet from this book called "heal your migraine" and I've been feeling a lot better!!! Stay away from chocolate, peanut butter, coffee, soda, any anything with a lot of caffeine.
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Same kind of symptoms...i only had the feeling i was going to faith on and off for the last 2-3 years and they told me perhaps it was vertigo but with nothing to treat it....

2 months ago i had a pretty bad problem with my chest which eventually cleared up, followed by bad cases of heartburns for another 2 weeks (which cleared up following medication) and then one day at work im working away not feeling stressed and my heart rate increased to 130 or so...i went to see the doctor and after hours of tests including a blood test i was told i was ok.  i cut out my coke intake at the time (i would drink anywhere from 344ml to 1.5 litres a day) because i noticed my chest irritation would come back after only a can of coke and lasted for days....this stuff is awful if it has that much of an effect.  i dont think cafeine anymore other than dark chocolate which i eat because its supposed to be good for your heart.

about 2 weeks ago (around the time i did physical work for 5-6 hours which im not used to doing) is when light headed feeling started into high gear and my sense of balance seems to not be that great...

if i sit straight at my desk at work my head feels like its 'hovering' around but when i sit on one leg if mostly feels fine but i think its because im leaning on something which makes the feeling of hovering on my head go away....when i drive im usually ok but i find it hard to cencentrate.

im going to guess its either the adrenal gland tumour i was diagnosed with 8 years ago or its anxiety...

i've been eating much better the last few days with no difference i still feel it today...im hopping it goes away...the good news out of this i guess is im finally doing something about what i eat (been off of cafeine for 6 weeks now and just started to each much better) and ill be starting to work out on a more regular basis...this time though im so scared i intend on keeping with it (i'm about 5 feet 9 and 213.5 pounds...i was 232 pounds at one point last year)

Ive been trying to lose weight slowly as i lost 40 pounds over a 2 month period 10 or so years ago which i gained back over time..i figure losing weight slowly im more likely to form good habits....

anyways if i notice any improvement or differences i will reply back at some point...ill keep this page bookmarked
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I read the first five years of comments and gave up continuing further, so my inquiry possible answer or solution might of been more recent in comments. I relate to much of the descriptions of symptoms but in the first 5 yrs. of comments I read, I saw nothing as to my specific inquiry. Also, to all u all out there, know that u might feel vertigo, lightheaded and/or dizzy but know the difference when posting!!! Here is my inquiry; Many times over past few years I wake up very lightheaded. Comes and goes. Usually at least once a week. Sometimes 2-3 mornings in a row. Will last maybe up to 45 minutes as it gradually fades. THE REAL KICKER is that the feeling is there upon waking but before I even sit up? It is aggravating cuz when i've mentioned this to various docs over the past couple years, they seem to just shrug it off and say something like "thats interesting" or "i don't know why that would be". I know that I should of been more assertive with the doctors regarding the matter.
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I read the first five years of comments and gave up continuing further, so my inquiry possible answer or solution might of been more recent in comments. I relate to much of the descriptions of symptoms but in the first 5 yrs. of comments I read, I saw nothing as to my specific inquiry. Also, to all u all out there, know that u might feel vertigo, lightheaded and/or dizzy but know the difference when posting!!! Here is my inquiry; Many times over past few years I wake up very lightheaded. Comes and goes. Usually at least once a week. Sometimes 2-3 mornings in a row. Will last maybe up to 45 minutes as it gradually fades. THE REAL KICKER is that the feeling is there upon waking but before I even sit up? It is aggravating cuz when i've mentioned this to various docs over the past couple years, they seem to just shrug it off and say something like "thats interesting" or "i don't know why that would be". I know that I should of been more assertive with the doctors regarding the matter.
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Don't know if this will help as your post is quite old so I hope you are better now, but that happened to me - one day fine, then a headrush when I stood up and it never went away. I was diagnosed with labrynthitis, with no idea when it would clear. While I was ill, several things happened in my life and while I thought I still had the illness, I discovered that the light headedness had sort of turned into a heavy headedness without me really noticing. This was because it had turned into anxiety which seemed to be mimicking the symptoms of the labrynthitis. Once I had accepted this as a diagnosis and gone through the motions to cope with anxiety, with the support of family, friends, the doctor and Citalopram (from which I had horrendous side effects going on and withdrawing from, but that's another story), I got back to work on a fazed return, and am now more or less ok. I still get the odd feelings, but have learnt to recognise them and can manage them in time and get my life back.

I guess my point is to try to get a diagnsosis on anxiety and see how you as a person can manage it - might be meds or counselling, or for me just having a diagnosis helped no end when I realised there was nothing physically medically wrong.

Good luck and take care.

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Have you had your thyroid checked? Not just the wellness thyroid test which MOST doctors go by but need to do the thyroid Panel. If you have too much thyroid it could increase your blood pressure , affect chlorestol, or other functions of body. I had finally got diagnosed with Hoshimotos thyroid disease, which is my thyroid isn't producing enough. Taking meds, which doc just increased which is when my "dizziness, lightheadedness, motion sickness when on land, vertigo" ... It could be related, too much thyroid being released in my body either via natural or meds. Just a thought....
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Hi, had s couple of short  bursts of light headed ringing in the ears episodes
then a week ago the light headed feeling with ringing in the ears started,after a day or two the head aches came then a day or two later the chest pains started .ive been to A&E all fine.
After reading all these posts I started to think back about what events happened to me before theses events started
A few things stand out .... My dad banging on about my couple of dizzy spells
Saying it could be serious ... Reading a story of a healthy girl of 15 that just dropped dead of a heart attack ... And the third which also seems to make some sence now after reading all the posts I stood up a pair of steps and
Hit my head crunching my neck really hard

I'm honestly thinking now maybe its some thing to do with my neck ..... But just as much some form of subconscious anxiety wich has snowballed out of control ...and belive me i would never of considered my self some one who would sucum to anxiety
So I'm going back to work tomorrow and try to move on..... I will post when better  ..as I'm sure I will

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I have been for going on 4 mths now dizziness, along with feeling like I'm spaced out (outer body feeling) I have pressure in my temples. Feeling nauseated a lot.  I have been to neurologist  & a nero sergan several times. Have done lots of MRI 's and ct scans on me. Which found a small spot on base of mg brain, doc says its either calcium deposits or small anyrsm??? Don't know. But hasn't grew any.  I have been to a ear specialist as well, order a hearing test in me, came back good. I have been to ER countless times, well this mth sept I have been 10 + times just for the month. They checked my gaull blather every thing was okay.. No one can give me answers and I feel like I'm dying and there is nothing I nor anyone else can do. It seems ease up when I'm up moving around, the sec I sit the dizziness comes on, and it feels like it starts at the back of mg neck.  I'm only 25 yrs old male. I can't handle feeling this way. Any suggestions ?
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Hi Everyone,

I have a lot of your symptoms and have been tested for everything under the sun with no answers!  I get tachycardia, lightheadedness, dizziness, blurry vision, headaches on the left side, neck aches, numbness in my face and arms and legs, my eyes hurt and it feels like there is a lot of pressure behind them, I've lost 20 lbs in a month and a half, I get vibrating sensations throughout my body, and the list goes on!  I have had my thyroid checked, 2 mri's of my head, diabetes check, lymes disease and one of its coinfections checked, tb, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, ana, sjorgrens, celiacs, eeg, ekg, echocardiogram, carcinoid test, endo and colonoscopy, ent, checked for pheochromocytoma, hiv, and a few other tests I can't think of off the top of my head.  All were negative!  I just had an MRI of my c spine which shows a lesion on my c7 spinal cord.  I have had a lumbar puncture to check for infection, ms and cancer cells and everything was negative.  I don't know what to do I feel like I am going to die and no one will be able to figure this out!  I'm so scared because I have two kids and I don't want them not to have a mom.  I'm also extremely tired all the time.  Does anyone have any suggestions? I would really appreciate it!
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Go to an LLMD, a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor.  Most mainstream doctors still insist that a negative test excludes it, despite lots of scientific evidence that it doesn't. Even the CDC web site now acknowledges that a negative can't exclude Lyme.

I went through 12 doctors before I went to an LLMD where I got diagnosed. I tested false negative in both a blood test and a CSF test before I got tested at IGeneX, a specialty lab that does more advanced testing. I was positive there. IGeneX also found my Bartonella.

I am now much better with antibiotics, but I would never have been diagnosed by an Infectious Disease doc as they're too stuck on an old belief about the blood tests and short treatments. We shouldn't have to figure this stuff out for ourselves, but until the controversy gets resolved, the patients struggle.

There is another test that is helpful. A CD57. Labcorp and IGeneX do it. It is an immune cell that is nearly always suppressed in people with Lyme disease for many months or longer. Also, if your neuro is willing to order a SPECT scan, it nearly always shows reduced blood flow in the brain of late stage Lyme patients.

Check out the symptoms list here to see how many you have.

You are welcome to come post on the Lyme forum to get additional opinions!
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I do have a lot of the lymes symptoms, but wouldn't I have swollen lymph nodes and an elevated sed rate or elevated crp?  The infectious disease dr said that he basically ruled out any infection.  Is there anything besides a lymes test that would indicate I possibly have the disease?  I have heard that CSF is positive sometimes for MS with lymes and mine wasn't.
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PLEASE READ THIS - I HAVE A SOLUTION THAT WILL RELIEVE OR ELIMINATE LIGHTHEADEDNESS FOR MANY OF YOU WHO HAVE DESCRIBED YOUR SYMPTOMS ON THIS BLOG.   I have suffered from “lightheadedness” for almost seven years.  Within months after it started in 2005, I sought medical help – first from a neurologist-ophthalmologist – reputed to be one of the best in the southeast.  He prescribed all of the tests that many of you have reported as having had: a full brain scan / in-depth eye exams, hot & cold water in the ear test / audiology tests, etc., etc.  Nothing was found that could explain or relieve my lightheadedness symptoms.  Then over the next two to three years I was examined by two different ENT docs and an allergist.  Got X-rays, sinus checks, tried prednisone and acyclovir, but no diagnosis or relief.  At one point, a heavy dose of acyclovir seemed to help (on the theory that I had a viral infection in my inner ears), but the relief didn’t last more than a few weeks and was apparently just a coincidence.  At my annual physical exams over the past seven years, I would report my lightheadedness symptoms to my GP and he would point me in the all of the different directions described above.  Incidentally I am 5’10”, weight 160, am 72 years old, and in otherwise good condition – I take no medications.  Last year (June, 2011) my GP finally ran out of suggestions and told me that my lightheadedness condition was one of those unexplained ‘diseases’ that I would just have to learn to live with.  However, this year at my annual physical (in June, 2012), my GP said he had a new suggestion for me: see an acupuncturist.  He even recommended one who he had heard was well trained and a professional.  I contacted her immediately and began weekly ACPT treatments in mid June for lightheadedness.  I took six treatments over a 7 to 8 week period.  The ACPT results were inconsistent – after one early session, the lightheadedness symptoms disappeared for over a week, but then she was unable to repeat that result over the next 5 attempts.  However, during one of the last sessions the acupuncturist mentioned that her research of my symptoms in the ‘Asian literature’ indicated that DAIRY PRODUCTS might be a contributing factor to my problem.  I have been drinking 2 to 2 ½ gallons of milk a week most of my life – a large glass every morning plus yogurt – then one or two glasses of milk at night.  Two glasses if I went out to a restaurant for breakfast.  A yogurt at night several nights a week.  McDonald’s ice creams at lunch every day.  And lots of cheeses – especially on weekends.  The milk that I drank at home was all skim – no fat.  But I have enjoyed and consumed a lot of milk over the years.  So just to check the acupuncturist’s research theory, on August 26th, I stopped consuming ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS.  Within a week to ten days, the lightheadedness symptoms started to fade.  Now after five weeks of NO DAIRY PRODUCTS, the lightheadedness is 100% gone!  So if any of you, who are experiencing lightheadedness, are consumers of dairy products, I think you will find that the answer to relieving the lightheadedness problem is to stop consuming ALL such foods.  I hope this helps all or many of you.  Good luck.

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Wow praise God for you my friend, i was just reading and i was experiencing lightheadedness for the past three days. I know previously i was drinking alot of chai tea and coffee everytime i was at school and work. But now i have the opportunity to stop it, thank you.
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Lots of info here, which is great!.

Add me as one with constant lightheadness and fatigue, worst when I wake up.  Done everything possible, ENT, Neurologists etc and nobody has a clue, however I might be on to something and nobody here has mentioned it..

TMJ!  I clench my jaw at night (have a overbite) so my facial muscles are very tight.  one time a Dr gave me cortisone pills (yes pills) and woke up clear as could be.  Currently I'm doing some orthodontics before I have a permanent sleep guard made and see if that works.  For a while I used a cpap device (sleep apnea) and that also seems to help as I probably clenched less due to the mask?  anyway thought I'd throw this in since nobody else has mentioned TMJ.

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Hey guys im 25 year old male and now suffering from this lighthead-dizzy feeling. Well suffering or not (sometimes dizziness almost dissapear when im doing sports and some hours after it) i can say that it becomes worse when i have not enough sleep, and when i got enough sleep in morning i feel not dizzy. So it still is with me now for 3 weeks, i think it could be BPPV,.
And it started after my 3 nighs of partying in a row (drinking lots of beer, dancing alot, shaking head heavily) while i was on holiday..
Im a little concened after so many posts which tell that symptoms didnt subside after months/years. But i look optimistic at this, i quit drinking, started to eat healthier so its good for my...
Now im waiting for 6 week period which usually told for patients to wait if they have Labirinthitis, or BPPV.

Mine symptoms :
-Feel lightheaded when move me head down (forward a bit)
-When walking feeling like the head is unstable (something like ground is waving)
-Slight headaches sometimes (mostly when i think much about my vertigo)
-It could be that i have slight nystagmus because when i focus on something (for example electric lamp in the yard) which is in lower position (i live in 2 floor) i see its movin a little upwards and downwards (just some centimeters amplitude.
-I thought i had some dull pain in my ear but it came to me after reading about inner ear inflamations (so it can be caused by thoughts)
-When i wake up i feel good for some min, and in evening i feel dizziest
-When i sit or lie in bed still i dont feel dizzy.

I remember i had balance dizzines for 2 times in my life but they subsided very fast. Like in 4-8 days. And also i was diagnosed with herpes symplex two year ago.. so it can cause inlamation of inner ear.
Hope you all got better.
Remember its a lot about attitude and thoughts. Many people suffer from worse conditions so this is not such thing that can destroy our lifes.
For me its a stimulus to start living new life, because i was not caring of my health at all until now. And.... yes it can sometimes make my mood become not good, but usually when im with good friends i even forget thet im dizzy :) Fell free to contact me if you have something similar. ***@**** or here.
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I been hearing a lot that people here are trying exercise, or more exercise to deal with the symptoms.
This past week, I been light headed day in and out. I had days of light headiness before and been to my family doc, and different specialists. I work out 6 days a week. Morning is a half an hour to 40 minutes of weight lifting, calisthenics, and stretches. evenings I do my cardio. The cardio is, 3 times a week I walk 6 km each, 3 times a week I run (sundays 9km, and the other 2 7km each). So exercise is plenty and in the average when it comes to cardio. I'm on ideal weight for my height. I know I'm anemic and been taking proferrin for nearly 3 months with little improvement on how I feel. Iron or B12 deficiency are a leading cause of light headiness, dizziness, fatigue, and lost of balance, as well as memory problems. Doesn't hurt to get your B12 and iron levels checked. Either than that, the search continues. Oh, I'm 27, 5'6" and 125lbs.  
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My brother had very similar symptoms, including the vibrations throughout the body. After many tests, he actually believes the diagnosis that it is a panic attack. I was skeptical until I understood that panic attacks present exactly the way you described, and for long periods of time. Knowing that was the cause actually reduced his stress a good deal and helped. Now he only gets them occaisionally for shorter periods.
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I am 36 and have been having these symptoms to some extent for 14 years, but more regularly for the past 3 years. Nonsmoker, in very good shape (ran a half marathon last month, work out a coupe times per week). I have tried all the same tests mentioned above. I am not sure if I have had two overlapping problems, but I solved one of them last year that many of you mention: For several weeks I was having the dizzy feeling and like the ground was shifting beneath my feet. Then I had tingling in my extremeties and "brain fog" type difficulty concentrating. That was resolved fully with about 2 weeks of taking a daily 1000mcg capsule of B12 (NOT the slow release type--if you aren't absorbing B12, you need the big capsule to practically overwhelm your normal way of processing it). Not sure why I wasn't absorbing, but those symptom went away. The tingling took a while longer, and I took some Benfothiamine B1 pills for peripheral neuropathy, and that cured too.

But then a year later, I started again getting a different type of chronic lightheadedness. My B12 levels are fine now (with occasional supplements) and my doc said I am chemically perfect, but I feel a bit dizzy all the time, same at morning and night. She said cardiologist or neurologist, as most of you were told. It occasionally goes away to a extent. I cut most dairy, but will try that religiously again based on the above suggestion. I also did accupuncture for 10 weeks (for fertility...which worked!...but I did have him put in a few pins for lightheadness). I may try that again too. I don't feel like I have anxiety. Hmm.
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Hi well I posted back in August ... Thought I'd give an up date I've been to A&E chest X-rays fine ECG or what ever fine had MRI scan fine seen an ear nose and throat doc fine.. My symptoms carried on for a  few more months so had a few more days off work ,but have to admit very slowly the light headedness was has gone .I still have ringing in my ears from time to time and lots of alcohol always makes it worse but I feel much better
Doc says it could of been many things from a virus to jerking my head or neck but almost certainly something to do with inner ear
One thing I will say though is the more I obsessed about it the worse it seemed to get
Actually my ears are ringing right now .. But all the other symptoms have pretty much gone So I can live that
So my advice would be takes things easy for a while if your exercising like mad than stop ,yeah go see a doc ,but dont obsess to much as in a lot cases it seems it may just be a virus that's damaged the iner ear or a jolt or jerk of the head
Hope this helps
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Ave you seen a neurologist yet?  Sometimes dizziness and/or tinnitus have neurological causes that don't show up on an MRI.

There are neuro disorders, infections (e.g. ear infections, Lyme), and also blood vessel disorders that can cause tinnitus even when the inner ear is okay.

You might also google "balance disorders" to see if any of those are similar to what you're experiencing.

One last thought: have you tried eating gluten free to see if it makes any difference in how you feel? Some people are gluten sensitive even when they don't show antibodies for Celiac Disease.  You have to be very strict about it to know if you feel better without it. I did and I felt the difference in less than a week. Some people take 2-4 weeks to notice improvement.  You have to read up on what has gluten in it. It's not just a matter of eliminating wheat.

I hope you feel better soon!

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I have the same thing. Did you figure it out?
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It's so great to see others with the same issue especially "heyitsme".  I've been struggling with the same lightheaded and imbalance feeling for over a year.  It happens the same way; when I'm walking around a store or for a period of time.  The best way I describe it to my doctor is that it feels like I'm drunk.  Like most people here I've also been through a litany of tests which have all come back "normal".  One doctor just said it was just  migraines and stress and told me to quit my job!  It was ridiculous.  I was not under stress at the time.  Funny enough the headaches stopped after I stopped seeing her.

I too brought in a holistic practitioner.  It seemed to be working, at least lowering the occurrences of the issue and the amount of walking time before it was triggered.  Alas, when I went off the meds for two weeks due to the flu, the symptoms came flooding back.  I think the vitamins may just be masking everything.

I hope people keep posting and maybe we'll all find some relief.
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i have been extremly light headed everyday for past 6 months and it to the point i cant work anymore..i dont no what to do..can u collect benefits but doctors cant find the problem :(
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and i can barely even walk
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Hey all- I've had an unbalanced /inner ear problem for about 6 months now. I have had numerous tests EKG, many blood tests, MRI of both head and neck. My primary doctor said in late January that a bad chest cold that the virus probably worked its way into my inner ear. So from the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning I feel lightheaded. Some days are better then other but each day is a struggle because I'm a PE teacher and I'm in my feet all day.

I was referred to a ENT specialist in feb-march and in turn was seeing a vestibular Neuritis Physical Therapist. She has given me many eye, head, neck exercises to perform but it's not helping much.

I had a new series of tests done to test the vestibular nerve on both sides to see if they are working in unison while my eyes are following an object followed by then inserting hear in each ear as well as ice cold water. Don't try this test unless you really need it. It's purpose is to actually make ou a bit dizzy- because if you are ten it means our vestibular(inner ear) is working properly.

So to make a long 6 months short- I then saw a ENT head and neck surgeon after all those tests- he found nothing wrong or alarming. He said to keep doing the exercises the physical therapist gave me an ld to keep walking my 3-4 miles each day. The more I sit around and do nothing the worse it will be. I mind will eventually find a way to compensate for what's going on but if I stay inside- lay in bed- etc... The end result will be much longer and harder for the ears/head to compensate.

So I'm still lightheaded everyday and just trying to battle and get well so I can feel great and laugh again. My personality has really changed over the last 6 months. I used to be the life of the party- now it's usually likely I won't even go to the party.

Any comments are welcome. Write here or email me personally.

MLBSCOUT2000. At yahoo . Com
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Dr. Hulda Clark suggests that dizziness that won't go away can be caused by old amalgam fillings in your teeth.   Amalgam contains mercury  which is poisonous.

       If you can't find the reason for your dizziness, this might be it.

Wishing you the best
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Did your treatment work?
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Wow! You took the words right out of my mouth. I am 40 years old (next month) and I have been dealing with this for 17 years. It all started for me after giving birth and having complications the following day( I almost died). I used to take Zoloft but I weaned myself off of it 4 years ago. I just didn't like the side effects (shaking hands mostly). Recently I have been feeling dizzy, fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath, some nausea, nervousness and I feel like I'm on the verge of a major panic attack. Like other people on here I have gone to the hospital on a few occasions in the past thinking that I was having a heart attack. I have never been diagnosed as having heart problems. I was told that I have anemia once. There was a time that I spent days on end in bed and tried to sleep my life away just so that I didn't have to feel the craziness. I have found the best treatment is to stay busy and not have to much alone time. If I think about it to much my symptoms seem to get worse, I feel like I am going to die sometimes ( I have a fear of dying). I don't know if reading all of this is helping or hurting me to tell you the truth...now I'm convinced I have a parasite so let me add that to the list. I wish there was an answer that would make all of this paranoia go away. Do I have a physical illness or a mental illness...? I don't know anymore :(
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Wow! I had an idea that maybe how I eat could be related to this.
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I am 35 years old just turned July 1st. June 9th I decided to change my lifestyle and start eating healthy and going to the gym. The day I went to the gym the next morning I had a panic attack for the first time ever in my life. The panic attacks have stopped and I have conquered that, now I have this light weight feeling not just in my head but the motion of my body feels like I am walking on the moon. I have had everything checked out. I still have a clogged feeling in my ear. I went to ENT and he said there was no infection, and he did not "THINK" there was an eternal ear infection. My question to him was what do you mean you don't "think" your looking in my ear you should know. I need a second opinion but it sounds like a rushing of fluid passing my right ear and I can hear my heart beat very clear.
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Wow thank you I would love to talk more to you. I believe you hit exactly what the issue is. I feel better when I am outside or driving. It when I have to get up and walk anywhere is when my mind becomes focused on this issue.
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i am 22 year old male and i am feeling slightly lightheaded whenever i am walking or doing a physical exertion, i am feeling this for 2 months. I try going to a doctor, they did a variety of test in me and they discovered that i have a developing asthma, they say that my lightheadedness is because of lack of oxygen in the brain which is caused by my asthma. i am already taking a medication in treating my condition. i hope it will go away already. because feeling lightheaded all the time is very frustrating.
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Hi Leon!

Did you ever figure out the problem? Did you ever get better?

Still suffering,
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Hello did you ever get an answer for your problem?  My wife is 45 and started to have problems with her vision and unsteadiness on her feet. Difficulty and trouble with competer screens and cant watch a tv show. too bright. All test cscan, MRI and blood test appear to be normal. Appointment with neuro scheduled for this week.
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Some of you should google POTS syndrome and check that out. Also if you haven't had it done a tilt table test can be beneficial to these symptoms. As for the person who mentioned to take iron supplements and just try it out because it couldn't hurt. IT CAN HURT. TO MUCH IRON IS VERY VERY DANGEROUS AND NO ONE SHOULD EVER TAKE IRON SUPPLEMENTS UNLESS THEY ARE ACTUALLY LOW AND TOLD EXACT AMOUNTS NEEDED -BY A DOCTOR!!!!! Iron is not a vitamin and you can overdose! - google it if you don't believe me......as for salt in take someone mentioned its bad. well the very well depends on what is wrong. Salt is actually very good for you. some people should have lots and with certain problems it can help .... sea salt folks .... not bleached table salt. and some people shouldn't have as much. Salt has gotten a bad rep over the years but it is indeed good for you. For lightheadedness it all depends whats wrong. Try taking lots for a week and see if it subsides. if not then go back to your reg intake. Again maybe speak to your doctor about this in case you have individual issues that can be harmful.... as we all have separate needs ie cholesterol ect. Mostly Ive heard of salt helping with these issues..... but hundreds of different people on here with different health needs.  Sea salt is where the sodium lies- not processed bleached table salt. Hope that helps :)
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I am just now experiencing what you are going through.  I ran marathons, in good shape and now I can't even focus.  Did you ever figure out what was causing your lightheadedness?
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Hey everyone, I'm not the healiest 22 year old, but I'm not over weight. Before july 31st, 2011 I felt perfectly fine. Never dizzy or unsteady. Accept I smoked weed constantly for about 2 years. I woke up that Sunday and since the. I have never felt the same. I went to work, as I did everyday and bam. I fainted in my bosses arms. 2 1/2 years later I still feel lightheaded. I have foggy vision all the time. I've seen a gastro, 2 neuros, and eye doctor and my primary care. I've had an mri, countless blood tests, my eyes checked, Balance tests. I've been prescribed anxiety medicine, migraine medicine and anti-depressants. But, I'm to scaredto take any of them because they all have dizziness side effects, and that's what I'm trying to get away from. One of the neuros said it was my diet. Bullcrap, because I changed that and nothing got better. The other tried to force migraine medicine down my throat. I'm terrifiex to take prescription drugs because of all the hype about the pharmecuticals. I domt know how much longer I can deal with this. I'm sick of waking up everyday hoping to god that it will be tolerable. Somebody help me, please!
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it was anxiety. Caused by multiple issues and the way my brain works. Looooong story but I'm on the way to recovery.
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I been having this problem for about a year now.  I am schedule for a tilt table test.  I have the same symptoms as you do.  It's a horrible feeling.  It could be related to your brain, heart or Orthostatic Intolerance.  That's why you need a tilt table test.  Ask for one.  Also keep track on your blood pressure and heart rate.  Check your heart rate lying down then stand up and take your heart rate.  That should help your doctor out a lot.  Take care.
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Go to Dizziness: Home remedies.com lots of good information for you, Sorry you are all having this prob. Hope you can find something on this site that will help you. I do not believe in Western Meds. I believe in herbs and Native American plant remedies and Chinese Herbs. Lets take our health into our own hands and by the way if any of you are on diet drinks, look up the dangers of Aspartame, very bad poison. I am Barb and hope you will all get better. Drink lots of water with lemon, ginger, and go to that web site. God Bless
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I am 54 year old woman and have had lightheadedness on and off for about a year.   It seemed to be gone for a few months and now is back with a vengeance.  I feel faint and confused for about 2-10 seconds and need to hold onto something.  This happens many times a day but more in the afternoon.  It's not orthostatic hypotension because it happens when I am already laying down or walking or driving.  I've been training for a half-marathon that is in 10 days and now and I am afraid to do it because I think I might drop dead during the race.   one thing different for me lately is I did fall running 2 weeks ago and hurt my side (rib cage) and it still really hurts.  I don't know if this could have anything to do with it.  
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I have been light headed for the last 4 weeks or so basically alL day long besides when I sleep.  When I lay back I feel much better but sitting or walking I get light headed.  I also have heavy breathing that it gets really bad when I walk.  Doctor thinks is anxiety so he gave me xanax (0.5 once daily) which makes it better but  the light headed does not go away completely and it only last a few hours.  My allergies thinks that I have anxiety because I have light headed, so she recommended that I go see an ENT specialist unbalanced conditions.  Your case is similar to mines so I will like to know how are you getting better?  I appreciate your time and I hope you are much better now. ;-)
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I have been light headed for the last 4 weeks or so basically alL day long besides when I sleep.  When I lay back I feel much better but sitting or walking a get light headed ( specially walking).  I also have heavy breathing that it gets really bad when I walk.  Doctor thinks is anxiety so he gave me xanax (0.5 once daily) which makes it better but  the light headed does not go away completely and it only last a few hours.  My allergies thinks that I have anxiety because I have light headed, so she recommended that I go see an ENT specialist unbalanced conditions but I read the symptoms and it doesn't appear  have the same.  Your case is similar to mines so I will like to know if you got any better and if so what was the diagnostic?
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Hi Jay,

I have light headed basically 24/7 15 minutes after waking up until I go to sleep.  I also have heave breathing-  Doctor thinks is anxiety  so he is giving me xanax 0.5 once or twice daily which helps with the breathing but very little with the light headed. ( I would say 30-40 less)   I believe I do have anxiety which started exactly when I withdrawed from Lyrica for nerve damage 45 days ago but my allergies thinks my anxiety comes from the fact that I'm light headed 24/7. Just like you I hate medications so some days I only take 1/2 pill once daily which is only 0.25 but I suffer all day long -  I'm trying with good foods for anxiety as well as Fiber which has GABA but is not helping much.   I don;t want to disturb you but can you please update me on your situation?  Did you get better?  if so, how?  BTW, My psychologies thinks I have very little anxiety and she also believe is a medical issue and my primary Doctor thinks is completely anxiety.  I believe is a combination of both.
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I agree with you- Right now I'm trying to accept the light head and heavy breating as a anxiety issue and not a medical issue. I do have sinus and recently   was diagnosed with COPD which after some test they came to the conclusion I don;t have COPD. But anxiety did built during this process and now I have to take xanax 0.5 to help me with this but I hate medications so I'm only taking half which means I still feel light headed and still get heavy breathing a good part of the day, if not all day long.  They did try with the same medication you took with but had numerous side effects so I quit 2 weeks later.  Now they have me on sanax and atarax for nights but I'm not taking atarax only if I really needed to sleep.
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Interesting!  I drink like 2-3 cups daily (almond), eat cereal once or twice daily with milk and sometimes yogurt. Plus some cheese as well but only like 3 times weekly.  I will try for a week and see how it goes and post the results here.  Thanks for the information. ;)
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Are you saying sea salt may help with lightheaded?
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