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Lightheaded and Falling

Recently I have been having these episodes where I'll start feeling light headed and then in most of the episode i'll fall to the ground. I won't be able to move for at least several minutes. Sometimes i'll just fall and there will be no feeling of lightheadedness to warn me. I will just fall. Sometimes I'll kind of lose awareness. Like I'm there but not quite there if you get what I'm talking about. Just a couple of days ago I had been walking down the hall after giving my mom the portable phone got to the first step at the top of the stairs my legs buckled and I fell backwards. I stayed on the floor for about maybe 10 minutes before I could finally get back up again. I was awake, I know that. I remember just staring at the ceiling.
I figure i will mention instances where I was walking up the stairs and I also will fall down. I'll stay down for about 5 minutes before I can get up again. It's like my body doesn't want to obey my mind. Cause I keep thinking "C'mon it's time to get up now." but my body doesn't respond until a little while later.

Any Ideas about what could be going on?
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Oh no. Please look into Atonic seizures. My daughter is 7 years old and what you have just described is spitting image of her type of seizure! Atonic seizures is when you lost all muscle tone for seconds up to a a few hours, basically paralyzed.  most people stay coherent during these seizures. When my daughter first started walking she would always fall more than other children but one thing I really noticed was she was not catching herself and was not tripping over anything. She would fall down my basement stairs and get right back up like nothing happened! I would ask her what happen and she would always say I was stuck momma! I am no dr BUT what you are explaining is identical to my daughter. Atonic Seizures. Please get to a neurologist ASAP!! There are no real triggers I have found for my daughter except steps she seemed to fall up and down them a little more. Have any question please ask!!
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thanks for the comment. I'm seeing my primary doc today. It's cause I had another fall yesterday. I panicked cause i couldn't get up for about 5 maybe 7 minutes. Again no response from my body when I wanted it to. But luckily i get to see the doc right away. So, I'll mention atonic seizures top my doctor see what she thinks.
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