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List of symptoms.


Extreme or Chronic Fatigue
Extreme fatigue after eating
Visual Snow
Stomach problems
Sinus Problems/constant swelling
Scalp Itch
Hair loss
Mood Swings
Blood boiling feeling
Kneck pain
Possible Migraine w/Aura
Bad hangovers from drinking

Sorry if the list is long but that's basically what I wake up too every day. They are getting worse so I figured I would give the forum a try before I try the doctor.
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most of these symptoms sounds like panic attacks. Do you feel like you are dying? Heavy chest? Pain in your arm?

Sorry you are having to deal with all these symptoms, it must be terrible.
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no pain in my arm but my muscles ache a lot.
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What allergies?  Could have food allergies, sounds like alot of stomach problems and especially fatigued after eating.  Wheat/gluten is a common one that could cause alot of your symptoms. I would check that out.
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Well I am going to see if I can't get in to see the doctor this week because I am starting to lose it. As far as allergies I am allergic to cats, dogs, grass, dust, pollen, ragweed, and probably some other stuff I have forgotten. I am going to try a gluten free diet this week and see if it helps at all. It's really hard for me to stick to it though because basically all the foods I enjoy have gluten and I can be a picky eater sometimes. So I will be eating chicken dogs w/no bread, Heinz ketchup which is gluten free, carrots, fruits, and whatever I can come up with rice wise. Definitely going to be an interesting week so I will keep everyone posted.

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May be worth a try.  Just make sure the Chicken dogs are gluten free, lots of the processed meats/foods have gluten fillers.  It was very hard for me, but personally I felt so much better.  I was eating chicken breast, fish, steak, rice, baked potatoes, corn tortillas, corn chips, vegetables.  There is actually more than you would think; just real hard to eat out.  And Great Value brands for the most part will say "gluten free" on all products that are gluten free.

The hard part to tell since you will be eliminating other substances is that it could be another food allergy that you have, like wheat or something.  Or could be candida which will be alleviated with a decrease in the carbs/sugary foods in a gluten free diet.

Also if you are going to get tested for food allergies, don't cut out the foods for a prolonged period before the test or a reaction may not occur; especially in celiacs/gluten testing in which the antibodies will not be present during the test if you have been gluten free for a period before the test.
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Sounds like the same exact symptoms I have!  I am being tested for Celiac disease.  I would hold off on the gluten free diet until you see a GI doc because it can alter your test results.  Check out csaceliacs.org for detailed info.  

Sorry you are going through all this too!
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Laughingman how are things, did you find anything  out?  

Babblingfool have you gotten your test results back?  If so please share, I got tested and have the DQ2 gene, which 90% of celiacs have but does not mean for sure I have it.  With that result and the positive results of the gluten free diet for one month, that is all I need...but I think I am going to get tested for other food allergies and candida to make sure there isn't another possible cause.
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My blood work came back negative IgA, negative Celiac panel, high levels of Thyroid Antibodies. (possible Hyperparathyroidism so my Rheumatologist tells me.) My Rheum also wants to put me on Plaquenil (a lupus drug) even though I have not been diagnosed with lupus at this point.  My rheum labs suggest an autoimmune disease, but not definitive on which one.  I am waiting to get in with my internist to further check my thyroid and discuss referral to GI doc.  Once again left waiting, waiting, waiting and no answers.  I also have had a skin rash present for about 8 years on my fingers/hands.  Cleared up once for almost 1 year during the pregnancy of my second child.  In reading about Celiac, I happened upon Dermatitis Herpetiformis.  Describes my hands to a T and the pics look just like my hands.  Anyone else have a strange rash along with the above list of symptoms????
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Glad you found out the thyroid antibodies, maybe that will be of some help.  I don't remember the name but I think there is an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid, maybe hashimoto's.  If you still feel celiacs could be I would go for the biopsy it seems the only sure way to diagnose it.
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dude that is weird! i've been looking around and this seems like the kind of symptoms i have!

i have pretty much every symptom you've been showing! i don't get the blood boiling or neck pain though, although i do get very angry at stupid things! I have noticed knee joint swelling that i though might be arthritic! I don't drink anymore cos even 1 pint makes me feel like **** and sick as hell for the next day or 2 days!

my thyroid tests came back normal apparently but your symptoms are just like mine! The thing that made me notice was the rash on the hands, i get it around the base of my thumbs on the top of my hands(opposite side to the palm)! This appears mostly when i feel sick (which can last days to weeks)!

it's weird how similar you seem to be! my mum is pretty intolerant to a lot of foods like wheat etc so i always wondered if i was!  

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Definitely get checked out and I would say try gluten free diet for a month or so and if you feel better that may be all you need.  Especially the rash there is a condition known as Dermatitis Herpetiformis, usually very symmetrical like on both hands, that is very common in celiacs or people with gluten allergies
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The knee joint swelling makes me think you might have lyme disease. That is one of the major symptoms so get tested. Get both the western blot and the elisa test. I have been super stressed out with new job but I am finally getting some time off to see the doctor. I am going in Wednesday after work and handing him my list of symptoms. He is probably going to look at me like I am crazy but might as well give it a shot.
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