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My daughter was diagnosed with a staph infection 4 years ago. She was actually mis-diagnosed continually for about a year before they figured out what was wrong with her. She eventually broke out in huge blisters all over her body, fever spiked up over 105, rash all over her body. Anyway, at that point I rushed her to a big hospital in a neighboring city, and they started treatment. She was treated for months after that, and all seemed well. Since that time, her eczema has gotten worse, and she'll occasionally break out in an itchy rash in the creases of her elbows and knees, and also on her inner thighs. She has horrible white scars in those areas. Could this be related to the staph infection? I was told the staph got into her blood because of her scratching her eczema in those areas. Also since that time, I have been getting throat infections and ear infections with increasing frequency. It's gotten to where I'm sick about once a month now. Symptoms include blisters in my ears, nose and throat. Could this also be related? I have no insurance so haven't been to a doctor.
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You don't have mold in your home do you? Sounds like environmental issues. Check it out! You could be breathing in mold spores and don't even know it.
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I have alot of the same stuff going on! And if they said that it was in her blood, then it's a staph infection called MRSA. You can get it as well. I suggest you look it up and have your daughter and yourself swabbed and tested for it!
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I have looked up some more information on this! You can go to your local health department and they have to test and treat you and your daughter for this. (FOR FREE)

Here is a link that you can get more informaton on MRSA. I do suggest that you research it on your on as well.

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