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Long lasting bacterial infection, mouth?

I am really grasping at nothing. But I hope someone can point me somewhere.

I have written on here before that I have chronic (meaning I’ve had it CONSTANTLY for 10 years) lesions on the inside of my mouth, not on the tongue just in the mucus membranes. They look a lot like thrush but don’t respond to the medication.
I also am so dry in my mouth that I’m currently checked for Sjögren’s syndrome.

However. Now I’m on antibiotics for strep throat. And it’s very extremely rare that I’m on antibiotics and what happens now is that the lesions are completely gone, the membranes look great and my saliva is much, much better DESPITE the dehydrating fever I’ve had for a couple of days.

Could there be a bacterial infection that could cause this? Something that doesn’t get out of hand because of my immune system, but also doesn’t go away? I do also get a lot of small blisters on my tongue, not because I’m sick, I just get them.
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Have you been seen by an ear, nose and throat specialist? He or she would likely be your best option into getting answers.
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No I struggle to get passed the GP who keeps saying I have Candida and then after treatment fails they’re all “I don’t know”. I really appreciate our welfare here but it’s so difficult to get help if you don’t know what to ask for and argue your case.
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Yes,  I would say a bacterial infection could cause mouth ulcers.

There's certainly a bacterial component to stomach ulcers.  Forever we were telling people stop stressing,  that's causing your ulcers.  But really,  the ulcers were being caused by bacteria that would flourish during stressful times.  

Sometime's it's these serendipitous treatments that help.  
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That’s what I was thinking. I have huge lesions as well, leoplakia or something, I’m so not spelling that right but they’re all over the inside of my mouth.
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