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Long term swollen glands in neck area

I first saw my doctor in April with swollen glands in my neck I have seen him 3 times since, today being the most recient.  The swollen glands NEVER go down.  They don't always hurt but it is getting more frequent and severe.  My doctor said today that we would try one more antibiotic and steroid pack for 1 week and for me to return for a follow-up that if the "KNOTS" are still there in one week he wants to do a scan.  I asked him what he would be looking for and he said possible malignancies or to see if it is sinus related.  But he did blood work today and said it looked good at 12,000.  I had a low grade fever.  Wouldn't any of this have shown up in my blood work?  He said he doesn't think there is anything for me to worry about, but I am freeking out!  I am scared to death!  Tell me about this, what we are looking for and if it isn't cancer and is sinus related, what then?  And if it is cancer, what then?
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I just don't feel good.  I am always tired and run down.  I have been wondering if maybe I need a B12 shot or something.  I really don't know what any other symptoms are, so I don't know if I have any.  I have been having trouble sleeping for a while though.  I wake up drenched in sweat.  My clothes are literally so wet that I have to get up and change clothes.  Don't know if this is realated or not.  I just now thought about it.  Didn't say anything to my doctor about it.  Sometimes it's hard to know what is just part of life and what is a symptom of something serious, you know?
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Yes, the fatigue and night sweats could be a symptom of what may be wrong. Please let your doctor know that you are experiencing these. If you are also loosing weight without trying to you need to let the doctor know.
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I certainly agree with the last comments go back and see your Dr. Night sweats are significant when you have a swollen gland especially if you have any weight loss. Chris
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I am supposed to go back to doctor Friday so I will be sure to mention it to him then.  I am a 33 year old female and my period has been irregular for what seems like forever.  I just kind of hoped maybe I might be trying to strart the change REALLY early.  Wishful thinking I suppose.  Maybe it's all sinus related though because I do have facial pain on the left side (same side the knots are) under my eye and this morning when I got up my eyes had a little bit of drainage dried on them.  Is this wishful thinking?
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If I were you I would request a biopsy of one of the enlarged glands. This will rule out any type of lymphoma. The symptoms you are experiencing CAN be syptoms of this disease. It may not be. It is best to rule it out. If you have been loosing weight without trying to you must let your doctor know about this as well. Let us know what happens. Take care.
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have you had your thyroid checked out?
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