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My wife has been experiencing Numbness in her lips, left side of face and left arm. She has also been vomiting for several days. No fever. No loss of vision. No dizziness or loss of thoughts. We live in a small town with inadequate healthcare. Can you give me some ideas of what might be going on?
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What I would be worried about is stroke. Can she talk normally? Is she confused? If you ask her to repeat a sentence does she slur her words or does it sound normal? Does she have a bad headache? Can she lift the arm that is numb? If she can't talk normally or can't lift her arm and so forth then she may be having a stroke and you have to take her into the Emergency Room right away.  Diabetes can increase her risk for a stroke as well and also peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage. If she can't lift her arm or slurs her speech she needs to go to an Emergency room. If she is talking normally and can move her arms normally then you should try to see a neurologist out of town if you can't get one there or go to a family practice doctor to start with and they can refer you. If she has been vomiting for a long time like 10 times or more she may be getting very dehydrated too. If she can't drink and keep it down she also will need to get into the ER to get rehydrated. See if she can take small sips of water over time. Does she have any pain in the jaw or shortness of breath? Women get heart attacks that are different from men. But I would think it is more like a stroke or nerve problem. She should get tested for diabetes if she hasn't yet. Also, checked for stroke. A stroke is an emergency. The sooner you treat with the right medication the better chance she will do well. Those are the things that come up at this point.
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I am with mkh9. Rule out developing stroke. She needs an evaluation b\y a neurologist as of yesterday and an MRI. Take the bus, train, trolley-car or roller skates and go to a big-city teaching hospital ER.
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This could also be signs of a heart attack but then something as simple as a tummy virus and a pinched nerve.

She needs to be seen!
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