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Lost and in need of advice, please help.

Hey, I’m a 26 year old young woman whom desperately needs some advice. In the past I've had reoccurring miscarriages and therefor have been tested for several hormone imbalances and all that might be the cause however all came back negative. Six months later I had plastic surgery due to an injury as a child. I've had more surgeries than I can count throughout the years and my immune system has been very poor and therefor resulting in several infections. However a few weeks after my latest surgery I've became sluggish, I’m tired, I feel as if my body has no ability to regulate body temperature as I’m either too hot or too cold, usually I’m freezing with some hot flashes every now and then and although I’ve never had an ache issue I seem to have reoccurring zits and red spots on my forehead and around my temples, all which itch terribly. I've had a healthy diet and managed to healthily lose a considerably amount of weight in the past and so I know for a fact that I shouldn't be gaining this much weight due to my diet

I feel off, I know something isn't right and yet all tests they took six months ago (before my latest surgery) were negative. So my question is what could this be? I've been somewhat struggling with fatigue and dizziness for years, though this is an on and off again thing, and I've been trying to find a cause for years it’s only  now a few weeks after my surgery it all came crashing. Please, please steer me in the right direction, can a hormone imbalance occur in such a short amount of time or are there tests that I specifically have to ask for since the general tests comes back negative? I’m pleading for any advice on the matter.
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Hey Luxxuriant, sorry about your suffering.

I'm not familiar with the health system in Norway, other than the fact that is is free for its residents and it ranks #11 in the world.

My hope is that you can find a holistic open- minded doctor who will be able to go beyond conventional testing to get to the foundation of all this.
Obviously, there's some fundamental factor/etiology to explain most of it,
which has been overlooked or totally missed.
Thermal dysregulation, fatigue and ongoing health issues point to the following possibilities:
Low thyroid function (not low circulating thyroid hormones, but secondary hypothyroidism or type 2 hypothyroidism- aka thyroid resistance),
adrenal fatigue (due to ongoing biological stress) and  Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis or  Ovarian-Adrenal-Thyroid (OAT) axis
Other considerations are: Underlying pathogenic infectious conditions like Pathogenic Mycoplasma & Co-infections (which are notoriously difficult to detect), heavy metals toxic load, MTHFR & other gene mutations and undiagnosed nutritional & vitamin deficiencies (due to flawed testing, simple incompetence or other unacceptable reason).

Conventional medicine, to my opinion, has a dismal record when it comes to treating serious complex conditions effectively, so please consider the above and then you may post again and ask any questions you may have, as a far as how to approach this.You may also message me if you prefer.

Wishing you well,
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Maybe instead of going to a personal care physician you should go to a Internist that what they specialize in Internal medicine and even go see a GI doctor it could be stomach related if your stomachs compromised it can effect your immune system.
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I really appreciate both of your answers and I've gotten yet another appointment so on Monday I will try again. However this time I am not asking what's wrong with me, instead I'll tell them to find out. I can only hope that they go beyond their normal testing because clearly something's amiss
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