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Lots of Grainyness In My Vision (Especially in the dark)

Hello. So for pretty much as long as i can remember, i have been seeing grainy in the dark. kind of like static from a T.V. set. I get the occasional sparkly spot, too. I used to think nothing of it, but now i am unsure if it is abnormal, as i can't seem to find any posts or anything like that that completely relate to my problem. I do frequently stare at my computer screen, but as i said, it's been happening since i was a little kid. I do not use drugs, nor have i ever. Also when i close my eyes, i do not see completely pitch black- i will see the usual grainyness, as well as some patches of random blobs (it's hard to explain) moving around. This is sometimes visible in the day. When i look up at a clear sky, i can see tons of floaters and sometimes the grainyness. Also, when i look at something dark in color, such as a blackboard, i can sometimes see grainyness. I am 15 years old. SIDE NOTE: I don't know if this relates at all, but i was recently told by my doctor i have panic disorder or anxiety. Could this be in relation to that? (i don't know if i've had it my whole life, but i've always been a little paranoid, and have had frequent nightmares as a child.

Please help as best you can.
Thank you very much.
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ask Doheny eye clinic at U.S.C. its the Best place for eyes in the world. and buy Lutin and bilberry vitamins that helps with night vision like Black Muskegge pilots that won high honers.
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Floaters in the eye can be a sign of retinal detachment (unlikely due to long standing history), shrinkage of the vitreous humour (gel like substance in the eye), ophthalmic migraine, macular edema, debris in tear film, allergies, a blow or fall on the head or due to some inflammation. Floaters can also be chronic eye static due to the electrical activity inside our eye. This produces an image of the vitreous and retina, sometimes white spots against black or vice versa and sometimes red hues too. This is normal. Rarely this is due to inflammation. Most floaters never completely disappear. There is no medicine or eye drop that can really cure this. Please consult an eye specialist for this. Take care!
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