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Lots of symptoms with lots of tests and no answers

I have had a lot of symptoms going on. Constantly going to the doctor for the past year (actually for years but worse this last one).  

Possible conditions I've been diagnosed with:
1. Anxiety and depression (just taken off meds due to severe side effects)
2. Acid reflux (no medicine helps)
3. Severe allergies (allergic to basically everything inside and out but can't afford the shots)
4. Pcos (even have nexplanon in my arm to supposedly help)
5. Gallbladder removed
6. Inner ear issue (never completely found out the cause thought it was infection caused hearing loss and vertigo been 11 months now and still having both issues though)
7. Pulmonary nodule
8. Possible colitis or ibs

Constant symptoms:
1. Back pain (to the point I have to sleep on a couch to relieve pressure- I'm in my 20s)
2. Foot pain (so severe I can barely walk once siting or laying for more then 15 minutes)
3. Hand pain (moments of not even being able to make a fist it hurts so bad and feels swollen)
4. Vertigo (on and off spells roughly 3 times a week- supposed ear issue)- had MRI done revealed normal
5. Burning in chest (acid reflux)- had ct of chest done only revealed pulmonary nodule
6. Severe abdominal cramping spells (to the point thought it was appendicitis was sent to hospital and revealed everything normal except colon-had been believed to have ibs now unsure since the ct reveled this)
7. Constant diarrhea (doesn't matter what I eat)
8. Neck and shoulder pain (had a car accident 8 years ago which is close to when the neck and back and all pain started but the only thing they try to do is give me pain meds and I refuse)
9. Pelvic issues (also since accident feels as though it pops out of place and locks up)
10. Itching (primarily on one bump on my back- that they said looks fine and in one armpit- does happen other places due to allergies but these happen every day)
11. Side pain (upper right side and lower left side and lower abdomen- all random all at different times all stabbing feeling- lower left more recent)
12. Infections (I on average have 4-7 sinus infections and 8-12 uti every year - been a little lucky this year and haven't had but 2 of each)
13. Random hot flashes and nausea (presume from anxiety)
14. Can't sleep (get maybe 3 hours of sleep until one random night when my body gives in and I get more- wake up a lot and panicky and most of the time can't go back to sleep for hours)
15. Chest pain and mucus in throat randomly (I quit smoking some time ago and not sure if they are linked since started around the same time)
16. Mild heart palpitations (had heart monitor revealed them not horrible but then found out I was pregnant and not sure if that was the cause but can still feel it randomly)

Also, had a baby a year ago (had complications with that as well including the beginning of preeclampsia, severe blood loss and more complications)

A lot of issues, yes I know. And I have gone to the doctor a lot actually just switched doctors. Seems as if they are constantly finding stuff and as if some symptoms don't matter. Yet I suffer with these daily. Any insight would help greatly. And I will be having a colonoscopy done as well as the one where they go down you're throat here soon. (Just so many test with so little answers) and once again I'm in my lower 20s.
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Hello~I am so sorry you are not finding any answers. I have a couple of suggestions.
1) If there is a Naturopath in your area, make an appointment for a physical, they will usually delve deeper into the issues and try to get to the root of the cause.
2)See a chiropractor, you said some of this started when you had a car accident 8 years ago. Well, if vertebrae are out of alignment and pressing on nerves, it is very possible to experience almost all the symptoms you are having.

I hope you find some relief soon.
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Dx: inflammatory process or fibromyalgia
Go to a rheumatologist.
You had allergies, so your immune system was working hard.
You may be double-jointed or you're able to over-extend your joints. You were in an accident and your joints and muscles became inflamed, and your immune system is in overdrive and it tried to heal the injury-- and this process will continue until you take something to suppress your immune system, something like Humira or prednisone. Inflammation is affecting your nervous system, so that's what you're calling "anxiety."
Can you give your diagnoses and the onset of your symptoms in a chronological order?
Have you seen an Endocrinologist
and have you received any therapy after your accident?
Your acid reflux might  be a
Your anxiety and depression might actually be caused -at least in part- by deficiencies.
Have you been thoroughly checked for deficiencies?
Why was your gallbladder removed and was this helpful at all?
I have a few ideas which may be very helpful, however, I will wait for your answers and additional comments (if you have any) first.
Best wishes,
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