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Low potassium or thyroid cause of chronic abdominal and body pain?

Hi,I'm a 28 yr old female for last 7 months having severe abdominal pain,altered bowel movements,bloating.chest,back,pelvic,rectal pain,all over body pain (stabbing feeling)tmj,facial and head pain,muscle twitching,70lbs weight loss,metal taste in mouth,nausea,hair loss,pins'n needles feeling,weakness,racing heart (flutters)was in hospital for 3 days in April when abdominal symptoms started,morphine didnt touch this pain,had hida scan,endoscopy,colonscopy,laparscopy,ultrasounds,catscans,barium x rays,tested for porphyria,celiac sprue,pap/pelvic exams,all test ok.Pain ended in June and July ,started in august and getting worse.New dr ordered mercury/lead toxin poisoning,(waiting on results)and thyroid test I yet to go have done most of time housebound.I can go from high fever to ice cold in minutes.In past had ibs but i could tolerate and control it.Was working as cosmetologist till March had to leave work,is possible to be exposed to chemicals such as perm,dye,bleaches,to cause these effects? Diet isnt so good due to stomach pain and nausea,live on ensure,yogurt,juice,soup,deli turkey,crackers,can only manage few bites,even water makes me feel sick.Can low potassium or even thyroid produce these problems? never had many health issues before but kidney stones.I'm at my wits end and getting scared longer this is going on and rapid weight loss and hair loss,prob due to stress of pain and lack of proper diet,I try for 1,000 or 1,200 calories a day but its hard and have to force myself to eat,I try to keep my potassium up by drinking orange juice.I to take multi vitamin.
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Did your physicians check your postassium level? To my understanding a low potassium level can cause leg & abdominal cramps because of muscle malfunctions. It also can cause your heart to contract prematurely, muscle twitching and weakness.

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In august had my potassium levels checked before laparscopy procedure,levels were ok then,was having some of these symptoms then but not as bad like now,feels like my muscles are on fire alot, especially mid back,not crampy pain, its fire/stabbing pain.
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also forgot to add another thing is after bowel movement still have pain and pressure all day like I didnt "finish" with rectal pain and pressure.Feels like trapped gas,(I havent been able to pass gas in months) could trapped gas be so painful or feeling for bowel movement when you cant? I always feel constipated on top of the body pain and other symptoms.
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Hi relly feel for you if you read my post I have many of the symptoms you do apart from hair loss and its hard I know to understand whats going on. Trapped wind can cause terrrible pain and so can constipation. Try taking fibrgel twice a day it might help with the constipation and the wind. Sorry I haven't got any answers for your symptoms it must be really difficult as you are so young not that I,m ancient I, 49 yrs going on 86 (excuse the ironic humour) Chris
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Hi,ty for your reply.I read your post,sorry to hear your going through so much yourself,I hope you find an answer soon,49 is still young,too young to be going through what you are.The hardest part is being patient and waiting test after test to find out what is going on,but all mine so far come back ok,which  should be a relief ,but it isnt explaining all this pain.Hopefully we will get to bottom of our symptoms soon!
    I've always had stomach probs(ibs) but nothing like this,I controlled it with fiber/diet and tolerated it.Had many kidney stones,this pain is so much worse than those,most of time I'm not constipated,but I always feel like I'am along with severe rectal pain and pressure with hip pain,starting to wonder maybe if its pinched nerve in my back,think next step my dr wants is mri if these recent tests dont reveal anything.
    Coming on here helps keep me sane,so much support on here and kind people.Your in my prayers
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Hi I know what you mean all my tests were clear 2 yrs ago but hard to get more tests in the uk. I hope you find some answers as well its difficult trying to plod on sometimes this forum has been my lifesaver honestly. Take Care too . XX Chris
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