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Low testosterone, no appetite, digestive issues?

Hi folks,

I'm a 26-year-old otherwise healthy male that has never been on any sort of medication or had any major surgery.  I get regular excercise and I'm not too overweight (5'11, 225).

I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but for roughly the past two weeks I've seen the following symptoms appear:

* Extreme fatigue, no energy - my testosterone levels were recently checked and they are LOW.  Total Testosterone is at 161, which is critically low for a guy my age.

* Odd digestive issues.   Never hungry, when I eat even a little I'm full.   Bowel movements are dark, odd, inconsistent.  Seems like nutrients aren't being absorbed?

* Concentration issues

I should note that I had two episodes of unprotected sex within the last few months, but they seem to have been low risk encounters based on what I know about these women and what they have told me.  All STD tests including HIV have come back negative as well.

I know one of the women had Lyme disease - there's apparently some new research that it can be transmitted sexually, but the CDC seems firm that it cannot.

I just want to know what the hell is wrong with me.  I'm going to see an Endocrinologist this week to look at my hormone issues.

Is anyone aware of how issues like this can arise?

Can my testosterone ever go back to normal? It scares the **** out of me thinking that at this young I'll have to deal with something that 70+ year olds have to deal with.  

Thanks so much all.
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I'm not a doctor but going to an Endocrinologist is a good idea. And yeah ur pretty young to have those sort of health issues :( But at least ur going to see doctors to help find what's causing you these problems. Most guys won't even see doctors if they are having health issues. Hopefully u get some answers.
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I displayed all the symptoms you listed above except I also had hair loss and I did not have two unprotected sexual episodes.

I use a very expensive testosterone replacement therapy named Androgel 1.62 %.  It has restored everything you listed including the hair loss.  The greatest side effect (positive) is in my arms.  Androgel is rubbed on the upper arms between the elbow and shoulder.  The biceps and triceps are almost doubled their original size in one year and I don't work with weights.

Good luck and I hope this helps.
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   Have you checked your diet lately?  Eating GMO corn can cause this.  Also, you might consider trying a gluten free diet as wheat and other grains can cause a lot of trouble.
     Aspartame in diet foods and diet sodas is poisonous and cause lots of problems and even M.S. or symptoms of M.S.

  Wishing you the best
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