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Lower Left Rib Pain, Pulmonary Nodules, and a Weird Sore Throat

Beginning in March of this year I started noticing a slight pain in my lower left rib cage/upper left abdomen. I chocked it up to a pulled muscle of some sort and figured it would get better on its own over time. Well 5 months later and it hasn't. It hasn't gotten worse either, it's just that I notice it more because it has me worried. In late April of this year I called my primary and had him order a CT Scan, with IV, of the whole area (Xray didn't show any breaks). After the results came in, he recommended I have a follow up CT scan a year later but never stated a reason. My health information is posted to my personal profile on the hospital website, so i went to check it out and noticed that the CT Scan results showed multiple pulmonary nodules, the largest being 4mm. Not knowing what these were I Googled them which was probably a poor choice since really anything can cause nodules with the worst result being cancer. I'm not sure if the pain in my ribs is a result of something going on in my lungs or somewhere else. So I have just been living with the pain, but have decided that I don't want to wait a year, so I am going to a thoracic specialist next week. Recently I have been having pain down in my left groin/hip/testicle area (the reason I name all three is because i cannot directly identify where the pain originates and where it is radiating to). I went to a urologist and he believed it may be epididmytis, so he gave me Sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim to clear it up. However, it hasn't done anything to nullify the pain, and over the last week or so I have noticed a weird sensation in my lower throat (i believe down towards the trachea?). It is like I have a sore throat and it seems to be closing off, but I am not running any fevers or coughing up phlegm or have any other symptoms common to a sore throat other then the symptoms I described above. I don't know if all of these things are coincidental or not and it has me worried, so any information might be helpful.

A little medical history: I had a polinidal cyst removed about a year and a half ago; at the end of last year I was seeing an orthopedic for a pain in my right shin which they believe was a stress fracture (was on crutches for 6 weeks, pain never fully went away). Other then that, I've never really had any issues. Also, I live with 2 smokers.

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